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Three Things You Must Know When Starting a Home Health Agency

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Home health agencies have revolutionized elder care options, permitting many older adults to live in their own homes longer than before. These agencies are responsible for placing health care professionals – registered nurses, nursing assistants, physical therapists, or home care aides – in the patient’s home to provide primary care, medical treatment, and assist with day-to-day living activities so that the patient may remain in his or her home.

If you are interested in starting your own health care agency, you will need to master the following three topics to successfully grow your business and meet market demands:

  1. Regulations that apply to home health agencies
  2. The importance of providing employee training, and
  3. The labor laws that apply to the home health care industry.

Know the Regulations That Apply to Home Health Agencies

The federal government and the state of California heavily regulate the home health agency field. There are different laws that apply when hiring a home health care worker directly than when hiring a health care worker through an agency. Additionally, you must have a license to operate a home health agency before you start operating your business.

Copying information from another home health agency to create your compliance documents may not be sufficient. The information may not apply in California, may be outdated, or may never have been correct. It is important to consult with a business lawyer who is knowledgeable about the legal needs of a home health agency and can help you comply with all legal requirements, including record keeping, on-going legal requirements, and compliance with HIPAA.

One of the costliest problems is that if the home health agency collects Medicare, their rules regarding what protocol must be followed and required documentation must be kept in compliance.  Medicare performs audits routinely and then charges back the agency many thousands of dollars if records are not in compliance.

Develop and Train Your Team of Employees

It is important for your employees to be fully trained to perform their tasks and to understand what documents need completing and maintaining when providing care for an individual in his or her home. You must provide training that demonstrates how to properly complete these documents and why their inclusion in the patient’s care plan is necessary. Other topics that you should cover in training include HIPAA compliance and labor law compliance.

Know Applicable Labor Laws

Owners of home health agencies must know the labor laws that apply to their workforce. Your payroll department must understand when to pay overtime, the rest and meal break laws, the difference between independent contractors and employees, and what labor records to keep.

If you are an entrepreneur planning to start a home health agency or already running one in the East Bay Area including the communities of Fremont, Hayward, Union City, Milpitas, or Newark, California, seek legal advice and counsel of a business lawyer today.

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Startups See Opportunity Across California

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Business Formation & Planning on Thursday, July 26, 2012.

Until recently, the startup word was dominated by those who resided in the San Francisco area. With companies such as Google and Facebook originating in the Northern California Bay area, it was no mystery why many entrepreneurs looked to that area as the place to commence their business planning for their own startup company. However, recently many entrepreneurs have begun to spring their business ideas in a totally different venue — the sunny beaches of the greater Los Angeles area.

The appeal of the Southern California area is simple for many startups. The location offers cheaper rent, better weather and miles of sunny beaches that draw in a diverse range of individuals. As a result of this appeal, a majority of the startups in the area are within two blocks of the beach, creating a vast network of individuals looking to become the next startup success story.

The growing popularity has caught the eyes of many Northern California-based companies including search engine giant Google. Recently Google purchased a popular Venice building in an effort to capture the momentum of the growing Southern California technology market. Google has stated that their movement into the area is to turn the nation’s second largest city into “a veritable tech center.”

There are an abundance of dreams that are being constructed in the minds of many tech-oriented entrepreneurs in California. It is becoming more evident than ever before that both the business planning and execution of that plan can occur in the booming Southern California area. With the appeal of Los Angeles and the growing number of like-minded people striving for success within that geographical locale, the dream can finally be a reality for more than just a select few.

Source: Delaware Online, “Life’s a beach for tech hotbed,” Jefferson Graham, July 22, 2012

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