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Contract dispute may render group of elderly people homeless

A group of families in another state are highly concerned about a contentious battle that remains ongoing between a Medicaid insurance provider and an assisted living and care facility. The situation involves a contract dispute that is negatively affecting elderly members of the families who happen to live in the assisted living facility. In essence, they've been told that if the problem is not resolved by a particular date, they will have to vacate their residences. Some readers in California may relate to the situation.

Younger family members of the residents have expressed their concerns, saying the notices those affected received in the mail were akin to possible evictions. Spokespeople for the nursing facility say they want nothing more than to peacefully and swiftly resolve the issues at hand so they can continue providing the highest level of quality care they have always provided for their residents. The central focus of the contract dispute between the personal care home and the insurance company has to do with residential rates.

Students with special needs affected by contract dispute

In California and beyond, students are often impacted by what goes on behind closed doors among teaching staff, administrators and other similar parties. For instance, a contract dispute can lead to all sorts of situations that negatively impact students and their families. There happens to be an ongoing situation in another state that is an example of this.

The students in this particular situation all happen to have special needs regarding their speech. Because of a contract dispute that arose last year, students in need of speech assistance were left unaided. Plans were made to provide make-up therapy sessions for each student who lost lessons, but those plans never came to fruition.

Judge says he will not rule on business merger anytime soon

Telecommunications mogul AT&T and Time Warner Inc. want to merge. The only problem is that the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to block the prospective takeover, estimated at $85.4 billion. The companies announced their willingness to delay their business merger deadline until June 2018. Many business owners in California are likely following this story.

The previous deadline set for the business merger was April 22. The judge overseeing the matter said there is no way he will hand down a decision before then and most likely will not do so until late May. The proposed merger has been a bone of contention for the Department of Justice, which claims that allowing it would cause negative impact on consumers.

Bid protests filed could cause substantial delays in dam project

Sometimes, a California business might not like the way a particular bid and subsequent contract plays out, especially when the party believes it has received the short end of the stick. Such seems to be the case where the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a construction company is concerned. Kiewit Infrastructure West Coast Corp. has filed a complaint against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding a multimillion dollar dam project that was expected to have been underway by now but isn't, due to the contract dispute.

In September, the USACE announced its decision to award the more than $200 million dam construction project to a group comprised of three companies. Since then, the contract dispute that has arisen includes two separate bid protests filed by Kiewit, although spokespeople from the corporation have refused to elaborate regarding the details of the complaints. A USACE spokesperson said the it is looking forward to beginning construction in 2018 and does not anticipate further delays.

Metro transit workers threaten strike in contract dispute

Metro transit workers in California may relate to others in the nation who say their jobs get more dangerous all the time. Many drivers have reportedly been assaulted or physically threatened on more than one occasion along their routes. Transit workers in another state say the risk has prompted a contract dispute with their administrators.

A central focus of the current contract dispute between Metro transit drivers and administrative officials involves workers' requests for protective acrylic enclosure shields to be installed on the vehicles they operate on the job. Management, however, is concerned that such shields would wind up posing other safety risks, such as those that could be caused by potential glare or other problems associated with the shields. Workers have threatened to strike if their needs are not met because, they say, too many of them have suffered physical and verbal assaults while working and they feel this is an easy fix to, at least, part of the problem.

Nokia to receive major payout from BlackBerry in contract dispute

California readers who regularly follow headline business news may be aware that smartphone moguls BlackBerry and Nokia have had an acrimonious relationship for quite some time. In a recent contract dispute, BlackBerry apparently got tired of fighting and has agreed to fork out a substantial sum of money to Nokia. The contentious situation unfolded last year when the two companies disagreed about a patent licensing contract.

BlackBerry says it is not happy at all with the International Court of Arbitration's decision in the contract dispute. The company also says, however, that it is throwing in the towel and will abide by the court's ruling. Part of the ruling mandates BlackBerry to pay Nokia $137 million.

Contract dispute may make some Dish subscribers quite unhappy

CBS has been a major television network in California and throughout the nation for a very long time, with the broadcast network dating as far back as 1941. In one eastern city, viewers recently learned that they were at risk for losing their CBS affiliate on the Dish Network. The situation involves a contract dispute between CBS and Dish that has many interested parties on edge.

Dish says it was sincerely hoping to resolve the contract dispute while there was still time. A spokesperson for the company said administrators are mystified as to why CBS would call upon its viewers to become entangled in its negotiations. This comment came after someone started a campaign by posting links that subscribers could access to express their desires to keep CBS on Dish.

Legal challenges arise in major business merger proposal

Things are heating up regarding the proposed contract between communications mogul AT&T and Time Warner. The Justice Department reportedly filed a lawsuit to halt the projected $85.4 billion business merger bid. The Justice Department's lawsuit is apparently focused on trust issues. California business owners may want to pay close attention to this story as it unfolds.

AT&T is already one of the largest telephone and internet providers in existence. In 2015, it acquired DirecTV as well, making it one of the largest television distributors in the nation. Should AT&T and Time Warner enter a business merger, the new company's ability to reach consumers for entertainment and other communication programs would likely be unrivaled.

NFL team owner Jerry Jones involved in contract dispute

The National Football League has had no shortage of medial limelight in the past year. From various controversies involving national anthem protests, repetitive concussion syndrome and individual player situations, it seems that negative news related to the NFL has proliferated, even though millions of fans continue to enjoy watching the games. In a recent publicized battle with which many California fans may be familiar, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has launched a contract dispute regarding NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell's future in the league.

Jones says he became involved in the contract dispute because he believes the commissioner and other league administrators have acted unfairly in certain situations and have been left largely unaccountable for their actions. The long-time Cowboys owner also says he believes all NFL team owners (not just six committee members as it now stands) should fully participate in the major decision-making process of the league, especially where Goodell's actions and contract are concerned. At this time, Goodell's contract is under negotiation and it may be renewed so that he can remain in his current position through 2024.

Opinions split on recent commercial real estate situation

California builders and property owners are typically no strangers to the various obstacles and challenges that can rise when negotiating new contracts or revising existing ones set to expire. When it comes to commercial real estate, any number of things can go wrong that may cause substantial delays or even completely halt a proposed project. That appears to be what has happened in a situation in another state although some of those involved are holding out hope that the tables will eventually turn in their favor.

A proposed commercial real estate deal was set to occur between a land development company and a property owner who was reportedly willing to sell 235 acres to the developers. The purchasing company planned to develop the land, erecting more that 800 new homes in the area. Word has it that not all current residents of the area were happy about the plans.

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