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Public service employees still hoping to resolve contract dispute

Many California workers, such as police officers, bus drivers or other public servants, understand how challenging it can be to resolve contract problems with their employers. Police in another state are currently at odds with city officials. In fact, they've been trying to resolve a contract dispute since their existing agreement expired two years ago in December.  

A spokesman for the city recently stated that mediation efforts up to this point proved unsuccessful in achieving a fair and agreeable solution to the contract problems between police union members and city officials. As often happens when a contract dispute is unable to be resolved in mediation, arbitration has been requested in the case. The arbitration process typically involves each side retaining of legal representation along with a neutral party chosen to act as chairperson of proceedings.  

Contract dispute affecting hospital workers in another state

Blue Cross, the medical insurance giant, was recently involved in a contract dispute with Piedmont hospitals. The two companies were approaching a deadline for contract negotiations, placing hospital employees and their families in another state at risk for high out-of-network charges if the parties at hand should fail to reach an agreement.  California hospital workers concerned with insurance contract issues may want to follow this situation.

Close to 600,000 people may be negatively affected by this contract dispute. Some say losing Piedmont would cause Blue Cross great economic loss. It's not the first time Piedmont has been involved in an insurance contract dispute; in fact, just a couple years ago, it found itself in a similar situation with United Health Care.  

A business merger should make good business sense

When one company buys out another or several businesses merge their assets, it's likely that much thought and consideration of various factors went into the process ahead of time. It would not make much sense for a business merger to occur on a whim or spontaneous risk-taking endeavor. California business people always have their bottom line interests in mind, and they try their best to avoid making any deal that may cause them economic loss.

That's why many interested parties seem to be wondering whether a proposed merger between Target and Kroger stores would make good business sense. Some say they believe the companies are merely grasping at straws, each trying to stay afloat and willing to try any business merger necessary to do so. One sources claims the Target/Kroger rumors are just that although the companies reportedly met to talk about a possible partnership with another company Target acquired for more than a half million dollars.

Judge orders teachers back to work as contract dispute ends

Many California teachers and others throughout the nation understand what it's like to feel as though their career needs are not being met regarding their employment contracts with administrators. When a contract dispute arises, it often takes months to achieve a fair and satisfactory solution. Sometimes, when negotiations fail to achieve the desired end goal, the court's intervention may be sought to help move forward.

A group of teachers in New Jersey recently went on strike for the first time in 20 years. The strike occurred after an 8-month contract dispute appeared to have no end in sight. However, the strike did not last more than a day because a judge order the teachers back to work.

CVS plans business merger in rapidly changing health industry

CVS Health Corp is another step closer to buying out a giant in the health insurance industry, Aetna. A proposed business merger has gained approval from shareholders in both companies. If the deal gains regulator approval as well, the ultimate buyout will take place for nearly $70 billion. There are other health industry companies, perhaps including some in California, also considering merging in the near future.

CVS says its Aetna purchase would help keep costs down for patients who currently face exorbitant emergency room fees throughout the nation. That's because the business merger proposal includes plans to install MinuteClinics in low-cost drugstores throughout the nation. A CVS spokesperson stated that these clinics will be able to provide at least 90 percent of the same services medical patients currently receive from their primary care providers.

Teachers in another state remain on strike over contract dispute

California teachers may relate to problems their teaching peers are currently trying to resolve in another state. Teachers in 55 counties have joined in solidarity to demand increase in their wages. The contract dispute has been raging for some time now, resulting in a full-blown teachers' strike.

Approximately 20,000 teachers walked off the job as February was coming to an end. Now, more than a week later, the teachers are still refusing to return to their classrooms, saying state legislators have not offered an agreeable solution to their contract dispute. Union representatives have adamantly stated that the strike will continue unless, and until, the teachers are given a five percent raise in pay.

Marijuana is central focus of UCLA contract dispute

Many California business owners have taken advantage of recently enacted laws that allow them to use marijuana in private or specially licensed business settings. Such laws were enacted at the state level, however, and conflict with existing federal laws that label any and all use of the drug illegal. This  has prompted a contract dispute involving UCLA Health employees.

The contract dispute has arisen regarding terminology in an agreement workers are asked to sign when hired. The agreement states workers may be subjected to drug testing, and that specific tests are meant to determine if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job. It's a complicated situation because pot is legal in California. Chemical tests, however, often produce positive results even if usage of the drug was several days prior to testing.

Teacher says superintendent must get involved in contract dispute

When teachers feel their needs are not being met, it can lead to problems with administrators. If a contract dispute arises, it may not only negatively affect teachers themselves but parents and students as well. A particular group of teachers in another state has apparently been working without a contract for approximately four years. California teachers worried about similar matters may want to follow this case.

Their contract dispute does not seem to have an end in sight, and word has it that union leaders have authorized a potential strike. Teachers say they are upset that administrators have refused to negotiate fair terms regarding wages, tuition reimbursement and health care issues among other important matters. Several different people have served as superintendent during the ongoing contract battle.

US army veteran resumes business startup plan following tragedy

Not every California entrepreneur brings his or her dreams to fruition without any challenges, obstacles or delays along the way. In fact, most encounter one or all of these issues; however, with skill, determination and strong support systems in place, those who are serious about attaining success stick with their business startup plans and often achieve their goals. For one young woman, who also happens to be a former member of the U.S. military, a family tragedy, more specifically, the memory of her brother who was murdered in cold blood, was her main inspiration to persevere in launching her beauty product business.

The army vet also had experience in network engineering. Her dream was to create and sell a line of beauty products made with all natural ingredients. Her target audience at the time was black women although she has since expanded her business startup niche to include men's toiletries as well.

Bitter contract dispute erupts with Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus organization is a tax-exempt Fortune 1000 company. In 2016, the company sold more than $8 billion in insurance to its members, many of whom reside in California. In fact, the KofC is the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization. It also happens to currently be involved in a bitter contract dispute.

As often happens in such situations, the professional reputation and integrity of the organization have been called into question. The contract dispute includes accusations against the KofC that pertain to membership fraud, theft of trade secrets and breach of contract issues. The organization is also accused of racketeering.

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