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May 8, 2024

Employees vs. Contractors in Construction – Labor Designation

Construction is a labor intensive business. All companies in the construction industry should have a well-designed structure in place for handling their workforce. Some work may be performed by contractors instead of employees and there are strict rules and regulations regarding worker classification. Improper labor designation could lead to bi…
May 8, 2024

Considerations When Buying a Construction Company

The California Construction and Industrial Materials Association (CalCIMA) cites data showing the construction industry generates nearly $35 billion in revenue in our state each year. There are a lot of options for entrepreneurs in construction; you may be considering purchasing a construction company. Here, our Fremont attorney for buying a bu…
March 27, 2024

Compensation Structures in Veterinary Practices

Know the Legal Structure of Veterinary Practices in California As with other types of businesses, veterinary practices must have the right legal foundation to thrive. Under the California Veterinary Medicine Practice Act, veterinarians cannot form their business as a partnership or a limited liability company (LLC). Instead, group veterinary…
March 20, 2024

Building a Group Practice Nursing Business

Nurses are indispensable to healthcare in the United States. The more than 525,000 actively practicing registered nurses (RNs) in our state work hard to ensure patients get proper care (California Board of Registered Nursing). If you are a registered nurse considering building a business, it is crucial that you put the proper structure in pl…
January 24, 2024

CouncilONE Advisors Awards Lynnette Ariathurai with Reid Neubert Founder Award

The Reid Neubert Founder Award recognizes the member who has demonstrated dedication to the growth and overall impact of the Council for the prior year. FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2024 / — CouncilONE Advisors, the Bay Area’s premier business-to-business networking association for experienced p…
January 18, 2024

Understand the Regulations Surrounding Employee Recruitment and Hiring in California

Businesses and organizations make major investments into finding, recruiting, hiring, and training employees. If a direct competitor tries to swoop in and take all your qualified staff, it could cause serious harm to your business. California law provides some limited legal protection in this scenario—but employee poaching is technically not a …
January 18, 2024

Stealing Employees from a Medical Practice in California (Know the Law)

Medicine is a highly competitive field in the Bay Area. The Medical Board of California reports that there are nearly 170,000 licensed doctors in the state. There are many thousands of professional practices. This raises an important question: Can medical practices in California protect their competitors from stealing employees? The short answe…
December 8, 2023

Legal Controls for a Group Medical Practice in California (Part I)

The California Hospital Association defines a group practice as a “medical practice comprised of two or more physicians organized to provide patient care services.” All group medical practices need a strong, well-developed legal structure plan. Understanding the role/responsibilities of the different players in the business is essential. In par…
December 8, 2023

Compensation Structures in Medical Practices

Three are approximately 120,000 licensed physicians who are actively practicing in the state of California. Health care is a highly regulated, ultra-competitive industry. A medical practice needs the right foundation to succeed—and that includes a well-considered compensation structure for physicians. Here, our Bay Area medical practice lawyer …
October 26, 2023

Estate Considerations When a Doctor Dies

We Help Businesses Navigate the Estate Considerations When a Physician Dies in California When a still-practicing doctor passes away, it will cause serious complications for their business. It is imperative that physicians who own a professional practice have a proper business estate plan in place. Lynnette Ariathurai is an experienced busin…