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One of the best things an employer can do to help his or her business thrive is to be armed with the right employment law knowledge. Preventative claims counsel is very important in being proactive and staying on top of the newest changes in state or federal employment laws. From understanding how wage and hours apply to your business entity to updating handbooks, our law firm provides proactive and ongoing legal counsel for employers.

For more than two decades, The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation, has been providing thorough and dedicated legal counsel for businesses throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. If your business is interested in preventing claims from employees or has other legal concerns, reach out to us today.

Preventing Employee Lawsuits And Other Legal Claims

While there is no magic solution or handbook that can prevent all future lawsuits by employees or other legal claims, an employer or business can take proactive measures. This starts with hiring an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can provide comprehensive employment law counsel.

Some of the issues our law firm handles as well as preventative claims services we provide, include:

  • Helping employers understand wage and hour laws as well as break/leave laws and how they apply to their workplace
  • Creating employee handbooks or amending/revamping existing handbooks to be in compliance with state and federal laws
  • Proactive counseling on employee contracts as well as other transactional issues
  • Guidance on employee discrimination issues, harassment, FMLA and more
  • Ongoing comprehensive counsel for future employment law matters

Having an attorney who is there for all your employment law issues now and in the future can not only save you time but also allow for an ongoing relationship with a lawyer who already understands your specific needs and goals.

We believe in catered and personalized attention and encourage you to take action now in preventing claims. A single legal action by a former employee can exhaust much-needed resources for your business. Be proactive today.

Let Us Help You Today

Starting now is the time to educate yourself about employment law and let our lawyer help. Contact us online to schedule an appointment.