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Companies that rely on trade secrets must take appropriate measures to protect these assets. A lawyer can develop effective strategies to protect these trade secrets, while also enforcing your rights if your trade secrets are breached. At The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation, our Fremont law firm provides the highest caliber of representation to businesses across the Bay Area and Northern California.

Protecting Your Company Through Nondisclosure Agreements

One of the biggest risks any company faces is that a former employee, consultant, independent contractor, vendor or any person with access to proprietary information will use this information for their own gain. Confidentiality agreements and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) can protect a company’s trade secrets.

We can draft, revise or advise your company’s NDA, making certain that it provides maximum protection to your company while complying with all applicable regulations. If you are hiring someone who has an existing NDA with another company, we can counsel you as to how to proceed. Furthermore, as your business evolves we can provide regular reviews of your trade secret protection strategies.

As part of our practice in this field, we draft, revise and update website disclaimers and website terms of use in order to protect companies conducting interstate commerce.

A Tenacious Advocate In Trade Secret Protection

Trade secret infringement can be immeasurably damaging. If a competitor, former employee or vendor has misappropriated your company’s trade secrets, we will work quickly to mitigate this damage and hold these parties responsible. Whether we work out a favorable settlement or litigate your case, we will fully take your legal and business needs into account. Lynnette Ariathurai has practiced law for more than 20 years and worked in Silicon Valley for more than 10 years prior to becoming an attorney. This experience is critical in meeting your needs.

Please review our FAQ page on this topic to learn more about trade secret protection.

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