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Proactive, Focused, and Intelligent Legal

Running a business takes commitment, drive, and a lot of hard work. As a self-run law firm with extensive business experience, we understand that fact all too well. That’s why we’ve made it our job to act as a resource for other employers and business owners throughout California.
Of course, no two companies are exactly alike, which is why our first priority is becoming intimately familiar with your business, your style, your goals, and any budgetary concerns you may have. From there, we can better address your immediate needs while helping you sidestep future complications — all at a price that works with your budget.
Our law firm is focused entirely on business and commercial law. Because we only represent businesses, we have a strong understanding of what our clients need and how best to achieve their goals. Whenever possible, we practice preventative law for our clients, helping them avoid missteps that could lead to future liability. We are always focused on protecting our clients’ interests and their bottom line.
Whether your business falls under the umbrella of manufacturing, retail, distribution, technology, or another industry, we are more than ready to dive in and learn about your professional goals and legal needs. Between your knowledge about your business and our knowledge about the law, we can solve just about any issue you may be facing.

About Our Founder

Attorney Lynnette Ariathurai has practiced business law exclusively for more than 20 years, devoting her entire practice to representing businesses in transactions and dispute resolution. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked at various startup companies for 10 years. Her legal experience and her business knowledge offer many benefits to our clients. A respected member of the legal profession, Attorney Ariathurai has presented at events and taught continuing legal education classes about forming corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). In addition, she advises many officers and directors of nonprofit organizations.

“I established this firm because I wanted to actively help local businesses stand strong.”
— Lynnette Ariathurai


As you undoubtedly know, a passive approach isn’t effective in the business world. We create legal strategies that actively solve problems and proactivelyprevent similar issues from recurring.


You want what’s best for your company, and we want to see you succeed. Combine those goals, and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. We will not stop until your matter is resolved.


The solutions we develop are smart for businesses in three key ways: they’re effective, they’re preventative, and they’re incredibly cost-efficient. We work smart so you can reap the benefits.

Whether you have hit a legal bump in the road or simply need the insight of an experienced business lawyer, we stand ready to step in and guide you to a lasting solution. Our Fremont law firm represents companies across Hayward, the San Francisco Bay Area, and across California. Call us today or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a consultation.


Since 1994, we have worked closely with business owners, employers, and entrepreneurs throughout the state of California. If you need help drafting a contract, protecting trade secrets, changing business structure, solving a dispute, taking preventative measures to protect your company, or achieving another legal goal, give us a call. We will work meticulously and intelligently to ensure your immediate and future needs are reflected in your legal plan. What’s more, we will be here as your legal resource should any other concerns arise.