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Securing your Medi-Cal License before you Purchase a Medical Practice

Are you preparing to purchase or acquire a medical practice in California? It can be a fruitful business decision—but it is crucial that all aspects of the transaction are handled properly. Health care is a highly regulated industry. You need to obtain a Medi-Cal license—and there are certain steps that you should take to help ensure your application is approved in a timely manner. Our Bay Area business law attorney explains why it is so important to secure your Medi-Cal license before you purchase a medical practice in California.

Background: The Importance of a Medi-Cal License

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program. The public health insurance program provides coverage for health care services for low-income individuals and other qualifying people with significant financial or medical needs. As explained by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), a medical practice must apply to enroll in the Medi-Cal program to be an eligible provider. It is a big market and medical providers that are not enrolled cannot be reimbursed by Medi-Cal.

A Premature Medi-Cal Application Will Result in Denial

The Medi-Cal application enrollment process you must undertake when buying a medical practice in California is complicated. Timing is a key issue. Submitting your application too early—prior to fully establishing the business—can result in denial. Medi-Cal stipulates that before applying, practices must meet several requirements, including securing a lease and fulfilling other preconditions, defined as “establishing the business” under CCR Title 22, Section 51000.60. The proper sequence of steps is crucial when applying for a Medi-Cal license. An experienced attorney can help you navigate this procedure and with other matters related to the purchase or acquisition of a medical practice.

You May Qualify as a Transferee Applicant if You Buy a Medi-Cal Enrolled Medical Practice

If you are planning to purchase or acquire Medi-Cal enrolled medical practice, you could potentially qualify as a “transferee applicant”. It is a classification that is applicable to individuals or entities acquiring a business already enrolled with Medi-Cal. Notably, the transferee application is a distinct process that can help streamline the transition and speed up Medi-Cal enrollment. However, not all purchasers will qualify. It depends on your specific situation. There are several different requirements that must be met. Among other things, you will need a valid Successor Liability with Joint and Several Liability Agreement. A Bay Area business lawyer with experience handling medical practice transitions in California can help you understand all your options and ensure that your purchase is structured in the manner designed to best protect your interests.

Contact Our California Business Lawyer for a Confidential Consultation

Lynnette Ariathurai is a business lawyer with experience helping clients purchase medical practices. If you have any questions about Medi-Cal licenses and the purchase or acquisition of a medical practice, we can help. Call us now or contact us online to set up a confidential consultation. With an office in Fremont, our firm serves communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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