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Harassment Claim Attorney for Businesses

Experienced Employment Law Attorney for Employers

There are federal and state laws in place that protect employees against harassment in the workplace. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines workplace harassment as a “form of employment discrimination.” To protect their best interests, California employers need to ensure that they have the right practices to prevent and respond to claims of harassment.

Lynnette Ariathurai is a top employment law attorney for employers. Our law firm has experience helping businesses and organizations prevent, address, and defend workplace harassment claims. To set up a strictly confidential initial appointment with a California harassment claims attorney for employers, please do not hesitate to contact our Fremont law office today.  We support and defend employers only.

Proactive Strategies to Prevent Harassment Claims

A claim filed by an employee can take time and resources. For employers in California, the best way to handle harassment claims is to prevent claims from arising in the first place. We help employers put the right practices in place to prevent claims and protect themselves before receiving claims. Among other things, our Bay Area harassment claims attorney for employers assists clients with:

  • Understanding their obligations regarding state and federal law
  • Creating a well-designed anti-harassment policy
  • Providing guidance on communication of the anti-harassment policy
  • Developing and maintaining a system for dealing with harassment complaints

Required postings Under California law: Employers are required by law to post certain notifications in the workplace. The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) explains that “employers must meet workplace posting obligations”, including regarding harassment.

Steps an Employer Should Take When a Workplace Harassment Claim Has Been Made

A harassment complaint from an employee—whether it is an informal report or a formal legal claim—must be handled properly. Here are four steps that you should take if a workplace harassment claim has been filed by an employee:

  1. Understand the scope of the claim: Employers should understand the nature and scope of the harassment complaint. An employee’s complaint should always be taken seriously. It should never be dismissed without a thorough unbiased investigation.
  2. Thoroughly organize all relevant documents, records, and information: Organization is key to handling and defending a workplace harassment claim. Be sure that all relevant information is preserved. 
  3. Handle the matter professionally—avoid any appearance of retaliation: Retaliation occurs when an employee is punished for exercising their right to raise a harassment complaint. Retaliation is an independent cause of action. If a current employee complains of harassment, ensure that any appearance of retaliation is avoided.
  4. Seek professional legal support: You must protect your interests. The eye of a trained professional can make the difference. Consult with an experienced attorney.

Defending Employers Against a Harassment Claim

Is your business or organization facing a harassment claim from a current or former employee? We have experience defending employers against employee claims. Our legal team helps clients develop a comprehensive defense strategy that is narrowly tailored to meet your specific situation. 

Get Help from the Bay Area Employment Attorney for Employers Today

A harassment claim attorney for employers, Lynnette Ariathurai has deep experience helping clients prevent, defend, and resolve harassment claims. Contact us now to set up your private consultation. We serve employers throughout the Bay Area, including in Fremont, Newark, Hayward, East Bay, Milpitas, Union City, San Leandro, San Jose, and Santa Clara.