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Attorney for Veterinarians

Business Law Services to Veterinary Practices in the Bay Area

Lynnette Ariathurai is a California business law attorney with the skills, experience, and specialized expertise to provide legal services to veterinary practices. If you have any specific business law questions about forming, building, developing, or transitioning a veterinary practice, we are here as a legal resource. For a strictly confidential initial consultation with a California business lawyer for veterinarians, please do not hesitate to contact our Fremont law office today.

With nearly three decades of experience representing businesses and business owners in California, we provide forward-looking, reliable guidance to a wide range of clients in the health care industry, including veterinary practices. Along with other commercial law matters, our Bay Area business attorney for veterinarians is prepared to assist you with:

  • Forming a veterinary practice: Creating a veterinary practice in California involves various legal and regulatory responsibilities. Your practice needs the right legal foundation to reach its full potential. We guide veterinarians through the entire range of issues associated with setting up a professional practice.
  • Buying and selling a veterinary practice: Change is an inevitable aspect of your veterinary career. Whether it is purchasing or selling a veterinary practice, merging with another practice, or retiring, transitions can be challenging. You will have many issues to address; our law firm can help. We have extensive experience with complex commercial transactions, including buying and selling professional practices in California.
  • Governance of your veterinary practice: Efficient governance and management practices are crucial for operating a successful veterinary practice in California. It is a highly competitive industry. You do not want to fall behind. Our Bay Area business lawyer for veterinarians is a resource that you can trust. Among other things, we are prepared to help you put the right structure in place to operate your veterinary practice.
  • Contracts for your veterinary practice: Contracts are an integral part of any veterinary practice. As a veterinarian owning and running a practice in California, you will likely need to handle numerous agreements—from a commercial lease to employment contracts for staff to vendor agreements for supplies and equipment to client veterinarian service contracts. Our firm drafts and reviews the full range of business contracts to protect you and meet your practice’s needs.
  • Veterinary law regulations: Do you have questions or concerns about a regulatory matter that affects your veterinary practice in California? For the most part, veterinary medicine is regulated by state law. Our business lawyer is prepared to help you find the best solution for your specific situation.

Get Help from Our California Attorney for Veterinarians Today

Lynnette Ariathurai provides solutions-focused, cost-effective business law services to veterinary practices. If you have any business law questions about owning, building, or growing your professional practice, we can help. Contact us today to arrange a confidential consultation. With an office in Fremont, we provide business law services to veterinary practices throughout the Bay Area.