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Legal Contract Review Services

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Whether you are starting a new business, or you are restructuring or expanding your current company, you will need to enter into a variety of contracts in the course of running your business. Business contracts are essential for hiring key employees, purchasing a businesses, mergers and acquisitions, obtaining vendors for your startup, commercial leases, and customer agreements. From drafting a business contract to negotiating the terms of an agreement, it is critical to have an experienced Fremont business lawyer working with your company.

Attorney Lynnette Ariathurai regularly assists business owners in legal contract review services in California. The following are some important things to know about business contracts and why you need to hire a lawyer for reviewing, drafting, negotiating, and before signing business contracts.

Problems Can Arise in Employment and Business Contracts

If you do not work with an experienced business lawyer when it comes to drafting and negotiating legal contracts, you can face a variety of issues that can cause business delays and can ultimately put your company at risk.

When it comes to employee contracts and employment agreements, it is critical to work with an attorney who can ensure that the employment agreement complies with state and federal laws. You will want to make sure that any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and any other restrictive covenants that are necessary for your business can be enforced even under California’s employee-friendly laws. A lawyer can also help to ensure that you remain in compliance with wage and hour laws, and state and federal employment discrimination / harassment laws.

You will also want an attorney to review all contracts with customers or clients, as well as with vendors, to ensure that you can take action in the event of a breach of contract. When you are running a business, breaches of contract are common problems that can lead to business setbacks if you do not have an attorney to advise you and to defend your business against a breach of contract claim from an employee, customer, or vendor. Likewise, if a vendor or customer has breached an existing contract, you will want to do everything possible to seek a remedy with assistance from a business lawyer.

Problems can also come up when you are thinking about purchasing a business. Due diligence is a complex process, and you will want to ensure that you are aware of possible legal issues with the companies you are considering for purchase.

Why an Attorney is Important for Legal Contract Review

Business contracts can vary widely, and it can be difficult for business owners to understand all of the intricacies of contract law, not to mention state and federal laws that govern certain issues in business contracts. An experienced California business lawyer understands how businesses can be misled—either accidentally or on purpose—and the ways in which particular terms and clauses can provide some protection for companies in the event of future disputes.

An experienced business lawyer in California can provide timely review of all documents and contracts, can draft employment agreements and NDAs, and can discuss defense strategies and potential remedies in the event of a breach of contract.

Hire a California Business Lawyer for Legal Contract Review

An experienced Fremont business law attorney at our firm can provide you with the legal contract review services your business needs. Attorney Lynnette Ariathurai has years of experience serving businesses in Fremont, Hayward, Union City, Milpitas, and Newark.