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Discrimination Claim Attorney for Business Owners

We Help Bay Area Employers Prevent and Resolve Discrimination Claims From Employees

Businesses and organizations benefit from putting the right employment practices into place. No company wants to deal with a discrimination claim from a current or former worker. Lynnette Ariathurai is a lawyer for employers with extensive experience helping companies prevent, respond to, and resolve discrimination claims. For a fully private, no commitment consultation with a California discrimination lawyer for business owners, please contact our Fremont office today.

An Overview of Services We Provide to Employers in the Bay Area

All employers in California should be aware of the federal and state laws barring discrimination in the workplace. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (federal law) applies to all companies with 15 or more full-time/part-time workers. The California Fair Housing and Employment Act (FEHA) applies to all companies with just five or more full-time part-time workers. Our firm helps employers prevent, respond to, and resolve claims. Along with other discrimination-related matters, our Fremont, CA employment lawyer for employers has experience with:

  • Proactive Protection: For employers, the best way to handle a workplace discrimination claim is to prevent one from ever arising in the first place. While it is certainly not possible to completely eliminate the risk of facing a claim from an employee, our Fremont, CA employment lawyer for employers works proactively with clients to provide actionable guidance and reduce the likelihood of a discrimination claim.
  • Response to a Claim: If a discrimination claim is initiated by an employee—either through an informal complaint or a formal legal filing—it is imperative that employers know the steps to take to handle the matter properly. Employers should calmly listen to allegations, devise a plan to impartially investigate the matter, avoid any retaliation against the employee, and seek guidance from an experienced attorney.
  • Employer Defense: The proper defense approach for employer facing a discrimination claim in California depends on many different factors, including the unique circumstances of the case. An experienced employment law attorney can help a business or organization determine the right strategy to effectively and efficiently resolve the matter.

How Our Bay Area Employment Lawyer for Employers Can Help

For a small or mid-sized businesses, facing a discrimination claim from a current or former employee can be stressful and complicated. Businesses and organizations need to have the right structure in place to effectively prevent, respond to, and defend these types of legal claims. When you reach out to our Fremont office, you will have the opportunity consult with a California employment attorney for employers who can:

  • Review the facts of the claim and answer your employment law questions;
  • Help your company devise proactive practices to reduce the risk of claims; and
  • Take the necessary steps to work towards resolving a discrimination claim.

Speak to a California Discrimination Lawyer for Business Owners

Lynnette Ariathurai is a top employer law attorney for employers. If your company is facing a discrimination claim, we can help. Contact us now to set up a confidential appointment. With an office in Fremont, our firm prevents and resolves discrimination claims throughout the Bay Area.