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Business Law Issues for Construction Contractors in California

Business Lawyer for Construction Companies

Construction is one of the most important industries in California. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), construction companies employ nearly 900,000 people in the state. Construction generates approximately $2 trillion in economic activity nationwide each year. As construction is a hyper-competitive industry, business owners need to know how to protect their interests.

Attorney Lynette Ariathurai has the professional knowledge and real-world legal experience that construction contractors can rely on. If you are a construction contractor with a legal question, we are here to help. Give us a call at 510-794-9290 or contact us directly through our website to schedule your fully confidential, no obligation initial consultation.

We Provide Comprehensive Business Law Services to Construction Contractors in California

Business Formation & Structure

To thrive, your business needs the proper legal structure. We help entrepreneurs in the construction industry with a full range of business formation issues. Our Fremont, CA business law attorney will help you weigh your options, with careful consideration to start-up costs, growth potential and liability protection. The best structure for your business could be a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), or a subchapter S corporation.

Professional Licensure & Regulatory Matters

Our business law team helps construction contractors in California with professional licensure issues and other regulatory matters. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain one or more licenses from the California Contractors State License Board. Additionally, with many construction projects, there are state and local regulatory issues to address.

Drafting and Review of Business Contracts

It is probably not a surprise to learn that construction contractors rely on business contracts. In the modern business environment, most construction companies are only as strong as their written agreements. In fact, California requires written construction contracts including specific legal language and what must be included in the written agreements between the contractor and the consumer or business who hires them. With extensive experience negotiating, drafting, and reviewing a wide range of business and construction contracts, our business law team will make sure that you and your company have the right agreements in place.

Employment Law for Employers

Construction companies face some unique employment law challenges. With a focus on helping your business put the right policies in place to avoid facing employment claims or employment law liability, our attorneys can advise you on a full range of issues. Among other types of employment law matters, we have experience and can guide you regarding the use of independent contractors vs. employees in California (critical because of California’s AB-5 laws), wage and hour issues, hiring, and employee discipline.

Business Litigation & Dispute Resolution Services

Our goal is to help our business law clients avoid disputes. Of course, disagreements can arise for several different reasons. Our business lawyer for California construction contractors provides a complete selection of dispute resolution services, including representing companies in mediation and arbitration with the California State License Board. We always take a proactive approach.

Contact Our Fremont, CA Business Lawyer for Construction Companies

Attorney Lynette Ariathurai is an experienced, solutions-focused advocate for clients. If you own or manage a construction company, we are here to help with legal matters. Contact us now to arrange your strictly private appointment with a lawyer. With a law office in Fremont, we provide business law services to construction contractors throughout the region, including in the East Bay, San Francisco Bay, and Silicon Valley.