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Commercial Lease Review for Medical Offices

We Draft, Negotiate, and Review Commercial Leases for Medical Offices Throughout the Bay Area

As a Bay Area business law attorney for medical professionals, Lynnette Ariathurai has the professional skills and proven legal knowledge to draft, negotiate, and review commercial leases for medical offices. If you are preparing to lease a commercial space for a medical office, we can help ensure that the agreement protects your rights and interests. To set up a confidential, no obligation consultation with a California commercial lease review attorney, please contact us today.

A Commercial Lease is the Basis of Your Rights and Responsibilities

A commercial lease is a binding contract between a landlord and tenant. It sets out the terms and conditions of the tenancy and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. In contrast to residential leases, California law provides relatively limited protections to commercial tenants. In other words, the terms of your lease are especially important. It is imperative that the commercial lease for your medical office is carefully reviewed before you sign.

Key Elements in a Medical Office Commercial Lease

As defined by Lawinsider, a medical office is “any outpatient facility or physician’s office utilized by a health professional.” Developing, growing, and operating any type of business within the health care industry is complicated. Here are some issues to consider in a commercial lease:

  • Commercial rent: The total monthly cost of the commercial space matters, including base-rent, utilities, and, if applicable, a percentage of income/revenue.
  • Duration: Make sure you understand the duration of the commercial lease, including your renewal rights and your options for early termination.
  • Liability risks (insurance/indemnity): What happens if something goes wrong with/at the commercial property? Medical offices need to know their liability risk.
  • Maintenance/repair/improvement: Issues related to maintenance, repairs, and property improvements matter, including potential common area maintenance (CAM) provisions.
  • Use restrictions: For medical offices, it is especially crucial that you ensure that your lease—and any state/local regulations—allow for the intended use of the premises.
  • Commercial landlord promises: To ensure that they are legally binding, any representations by a commercial landlord should be in writing within the lease. 

How Our California Medical Office Commercial Lease Review Attorney Can Help

Commercial leases are complicated. As a business owner operating a medical office in California, you need a lease agreement that effectively protects your rights and interests. We are here to help. Among other things, our Bay Area commercial lawyer for medical offices is prepared to:

  • Answer your questions and explain your rights/options
  • Review the terms of a proposed commercial lease agreement
  • Explain the implications of a lease agreement
  • Take action to help you negotiate favorable terms

Contact Our Bay Area Commercial Lease Review Attorney Today

Lynnette Ariathurai is a solutions-driven business lawyer with the skills and experience to help medical offices negotiate, draft, and review commercial leases. Contact us today to arrange your confidential consultation. We serve medical offices throughout the Bay Area.