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Buying a Business in California

Are you considering buying a business in California? If so, it is imperative that you take a proactive, detail-driven approach to minimize your risk of liability. A well drafted purchase control and proper due diligence is a must. Lynnette Ariathurai is an attorney for business buyers with extensive experience handling a broad range of issues. If you have any specific questions or concerns about buying a business in California, please contact us at our Fremont law office today for your confidential case evaluation.

Why a Lawyer Should Review Your Documents

Buying a business in California is a document-intensive process. All your key documents—from due terms of the actual purchase agreement to the diligence financial records produced by the seller—should be carefully reviewed by an experienced attorney. A lawyer can assess the document, confirm that it protects your rights, help you understand potential risks, and take action to address any issues within the legal paperwork.

Finding an Attorney for Buying a Business in California

When you are getting ready to purchase a business in the Bay Area of California—whether through a stock sale or an asset sale—it is useful to have an attorney who has been there before. Finding the right attorney for buying a business can make the difference between a smooth, favorable transaction and a deal that goes wrong. Among other things, your lawyer can help you identify the right business, conduct due diligence on the transaction, negotiate the terms of the purchase agreement, and help you navigate/finalize the transaction.

Steps to Purchase a Business

There are several different steps involved with buying a company in California. Along with other things, you should be prepared for:

  1. Researching and evaluating the target company
  2. Drafting and negotiating an agreement to buy the business or its assets
  3. Conducting comprehensive due diligence on the business
  4. Considering all available financing options
  5. Finalizing the transaction and transitioning to running/integrating the company

Buying a Franchise Business in California

Buying a franchise business in California offers entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to operate under an established brand with a proven business model. It involves paying an initial fee and ongoing royalties and other costs, providing access to trademarks, operational systems, and support from the franchisor. California’s regulatory environment, including the California Franchise Relations Act, helps to ensure legal protection for franchisees. Still, these are complex transactions.

Buying a Home Health Care Business

Purchasing a home health care business appeals to those looking to enter a rapidly growing sector with a significant societal impact. Potential buyers must consider licensing requirements, the quality of care provided, staff credentials, and the business’s reputation. Home health care is a highly regulated industry in California and there are many industry-specific issues to consider before you make the decision to purchase or acquire such a business.

Get Help from an Attorney for Business Buyers in California

Lynnette Ariathurai is a California attorney for business buyers. Do you have questions about buying a California business? Contact us today for your confidential, no obligation case review. From our Fremont law office, we help entrepreneurs with business purchases throughout the Bay Area.