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Google business planning incorporates peer-to-peer lending

One should not keep all their eggs in one basket. This saying is pertinent in many aspects of life, especially in business planning. Within a business context, it can be interpreted as stating that diversification is important and can help a company grow and expand into other areas outside of the company's main product or service. Google Inc. has recently put this idea into action by purchasing a significant amount of shares in a new peer-to-peer lending company based in California.

California bill streamlines processing for new business startup

Creating a new business usually involves a significant amount of paperwork and administrative hurdles. This is true for just about any state, however California has become especially known for having longer wait times for processing a new business entity. Unfortunately, this has contributed to the state being known as one of the most unfriendly environments for creating a business startup.

End of California tax incentive affects business startup funds

Investment capital is usually one of the most important ingredients for creating a successful startup business. Until recently, California tax law was designed to encourage investment into new business startup companies by giving investors a special tax break for infusing capital into small businesses that were just starting up. However, the state has recently decided to end this tax incentive, which is expected to significantly reduce investments in startups, forcing new businesses to take this into consideration in their business planning endeavors.

California business startup aims to fund solar power investments

Entrepreneurs are a creative force within society just like artists and musicians. Many entrepreneurs create opportunities and business models which did not previously exist. Some entrepreneurial projects are also designed to benefit the rest of society. One California company seeks to do this by providing an easy platform for those concerned with the environment to invest in development of solar energy. The business startup, known as Mosaic, is an online platform which provides opportunities for everyday people to invest in solar power projects while earning a return on investment.

New business startup decides to move headquarters to California

Choosing a good location to run a business is an important decision for most entrepreneurs. One business startup in the medical technology field has decided to move its location from an out-of-state location to California, where there is more activity in medical technology. The company, Home Dialysis Plus, recently obtained $50 million in investment funds which helped allow the company to make the move.

Issues arise when a contract dispute ends a partnership

The end of a business partnership mirrors the end of a marriage in a number of ways. Both unions began in the spirit of cooperation and the desire to build a lasting bond. Both were uplifted by hope of future successes. When a California business partnership dissolves due to a contract dispute, the effects can feel similar to a broken marriage, and can include sadness, feelings of remorse and an inability to see past one's current emotional state.

California funding opportunity could hinge on business planning

The drive to take an idea from conception to operation and profitability is a deeply ingrained part of the American consciousness. Our society and our economy thrive on the spirit of innovation. For many California startups, business planning can be key to the process of moving from concept to completion, and can play a huge role in the ability to secure necessary business funding. One upcoming funding opportunity will give several area businesses the chance to showcase their ideas and products, with the hope of gaining investors.

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