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Musicians' union sues movie studios in business contract dispute

Music is an important part of life, society and human expression. It is also extensively used in movies to enhance a particular mood or express a certain intention of the filmmakers. On the other hand, when movie studios use music in films, they have to be aware of the publishing rights involved to avoid copyright infringement. However, it seems that one musician's union believes that several major movie studios have failed to do this and is now suing several major studios in a business contract dispute in California.

Banquet hall operator sues in business contract dispute

A deal is a deal is the view of many people when it comes to business. However, there are many times when that turns out to not be the case while doing business in California. A broken deal is what one banquet hall operator is claiming to be experiencing, and the company is now entrenched in a business contract dispute.

Financial firm sues over business contract dispute

When California companies make a deal or engage in a transaction, both parties have typically agreed to specific terms. Failure of one of the parties to follow the terms of the business agreement can be damaging to the other company. When this happens, it often results in a business contract dispute.

Shipowner sues international shipper in contract dispute

In life, it is generally best to keep one's promises. However, this is particularly important in business since not keeping agreements can cause significant financial problems for California companies. One shipowner is now facing such an issue due to a recent contract dispute with an international shipping company. This has resulted in a breach of contract lawsuit being filed in court.

IMAX sues Whitaker Center in contract dispute

Companies do not exist in a vacuum in business. They usually require doing business with other companies in order to operate. This is true for just about any industry in California. However, this means that, when a business contract dispute occurs, it can be a serious problem that could lead to litigation.

Lawsuit filed following business contract dispute

Contracts form the foundation of most business relationships, both in California and across the nation. These legal documents are the source of information concerning the expectations held by all parties of a business agreement, and they are the first thing that individuals turn to when there is a question or concern. When a problem arises that cannot be worked through by the parties to the contract, a business contract dispute begins. In some cases, these matters end up going before a court to seek resolution.

Radio station in contract dispute with radio host in California

The entertainment business is not all fun and games. Although most people see the lighter side of the entertainment business, it is still a business. As such, the terms of legal contracts are often essential for a company in this industry. When a contract dispute does arise, it can result in a lawsuit. This seems to be the case in a recent dispute between a radio personality and a radio station in California.

Sly Stone awarded $5 million in business contract dispute

Failure to adhere to the terms of a contract can be significantly detrimental to the parties who agreed to the contract in any industry. This is definitely true in the music and entertainment industries. Music legend Sly Stone found this out when his business partners in his own company cheated the funk musician out of his royalties. The singer has recently prevailed in a business contract dispute in a court in California.

Construction company sues in business contract dispute

Business owners make decisions based upon various factors. Many times, companies decide to utilize their resources based upon faith that customers and partners will adhere to agreed-upon legal contracts in California as well as any other state. However, failure of another party to keep its part of a bargain can result in a business contract dispute.

Nike sues former designers in business contract dispute

In the apparel industry, it is important to stay on the cutting edge of style and design. Therefore, new design and creative talents are always in high demand for companies in the apparel industry in California, as well as other states. The need for new talent seems to be at the center of a recent business contract dispute involving Nike and three of its former employees.

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