Teacher Says Superintendent Must Get Involved In Contract Dispute

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When teachers feel their needs are not being met, it can lead to problems with administrators. If a contract dispute arises, it may not only negatively affect teachers themselves but parents and students as well. A particular group of teachers in another state has apparently been working without a contract for approximately four years. California teachers worried about similar matters may want to follow this case.

Their contract dispute does not seem to have an end in sight, and word has it that union leaders have authorized a potential strike. Teachers say they are upset that administrators have refused to negotiate fair terms regarding wages, tuition reimbursement and health care issues among other important matters. Several different people have served as superintendent during the ongoing contract battle.

A teacher from another school district recently attended a meeting to discuss the problem. This teacher says he believes the only way to resolve the matter is for the new superintendent to get directly involved and take control of the situation. He said both sides need to be willing to cooperate and compromise if anyone hopes to achieve a positive outcome.

If a strike occurs, it will definitely have a negative impact on students. In the past, some school systems have brought in substitute teachers during such times, though there is never any guarantee that this would be a possibility. One of the instructors who spoke at the recent meeting said it is not fair that teachers have continued to carry out their duties for several years without a solid contract in place. Most people in California who face unresolved contract issues turn to experienced negotiators to help them obtain swift and agreeable outcomes.

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