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Teachers in another state remain on strike over contract dispute

California teachers may relate to problems their teaching peers are currently trying to resolve in another state. Teachers in 55 counties have joined in solidarity to demand increase in their wages. The contract dispute has been raging for some time now, resulting in a full-blown teachers' strike.

Marijuana is central focus of UCLA contract dispute

Many California business owners have taken advantage of recently enacted laws that allow them to use marijuana in private or specially licensed business settings. Such laws were enacted at the state level, however, and conflict with existing federal laws that label any and all use of the drug illegal. This  has prompted a contract dispute involving UCLA Health employees.

Teacher says superintendent must get involved in contract dispute

When teachers feel their needs are not being met, it can lead to problems with administrators. If a contract dispute arises, it may not only negatively affect teachers themselves but parents and students as well. A particular group of teachers in another state has apparently been working without a contract for approximately four years. California teachers worried about similar matters may want to follow this case.

Bitter contract dispute erupts with Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus organization is a tax-exempt Fortune 1000 company. In 2016, the company sold more than $8 billion in insurance to its members, many of whom reside in California. In fact, the KofC is the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization. It also happens to currently be involved in a bitter contract dispute.

California nurses protest during contract dispute

Many California workers are currently upset about their working conditions. Some will likely be able to resolve their problems by bringing their concerns to their employers' attentions. One set of employees who happen to be registered nurses are currently engaged in a contract dispute with the University of California, and recently let their voices be heard in public. 

Contract dispute: Teachers rally outside district office

While it's not uncommon for teachers' unions to face complications during negotiations of new contracts, unresolved problems can eventually have adverse effects on entire school communities. A current contract dispute in California seems to be getting worse instead of better. Things escalated recently when approximately 100 teachers lined up outside a district office and began chanting.

Contract dispute may render group of elderly people homeless

A group of families in another state are highly concerned about a contentious battle that remains ongoing between a Medicaid insurance provider and an assisted living and care facility. The situation involves a contract dispute that is negatively affecting elderly members of the families who happen to live in the assisted living facility. In essence, they've been told that if the problem is not resolved by a particular date, they will have to vacate their residences. Some readers in California may relate to the situation.

Students with special needs affected by contract dispute

In California and beyond, students are often impacted by what goes on behind closed doors among teaching staff, administrators and other similar parties. For instance, a contract dispute can lead to all sorts of situations that negatively impact students and their families. There happens to be an ongoing situation in another state that is an example of this.

Bid protests filed could cause substantial delays in dam project

Sometimes, a California business might not like the way a particular bid and subsequent contract plays out, especially when the party believes it has received the short end of the stick. Such seems to be the case where the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a construction company is concerned. Kiewit Infrastructure West Coast Corp. has filed a complaint against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding a multimillion dollar dam project that was expected to have been underway by now but isn't, due to the contract dispute.

Metro transit workers threaten strike in contract dispute

Metro transit workers in California may relate to others in the nation who say their jobs get more dangerous all the time. Many drivers have reportedly been assaulted or physically threatened on more than one occasion along their routes. Transit workers in another state say the risk has prompted a contract dispute with their administrators.

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