Contract Dispute: Professors Versus College

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Contract Disputes on Monday, August 7, 2017.

When parties enter into a written agreement and terms are in some way violated, it can lead to a contentious battle. In fact, an unresolved contract dispute often causes delays in production and profitability in California businesses when parties who are dissatisfied staunchly refuse to move forward until the problem at hand is resolved. This is basically what has happened in another state where instructors at a particular college have gone on strike.

The teachers involved in the ongoing contract dispute are employed at an aeronautics school. Their previous contract expired in March, and they have been unable to reach an agreement with school administrators for a new deal. In fact, the teachers say the school has committed unfair labor practices, and until the situation is satisfactorily resolved, they refuse to return to their duties.

The central focus of the dispute appears to be health care costs. The teachers are not happy about the proposed deal, which would increase the amount they pay for health care. They say they have already suffered a loss of vacation days by agreeing to a portion of the new plan that allows paid time off from work. The teachers also claim they suffer blame when students choose not to return to the college for classes.

Not all teachers at the college are participating in the strike. It's unclear why the move to strike was not unanimous; the exact number of teachers striking has not been reported. In situations like this, where parties remain divided and it's affecting business, California business owners may want to rely on aggressive legal representation as that is often a means to securing a swift and agreeable outcome.

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