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Developer says city breached commercial real estate deal

Like many other areas in the nation, California has enjoyed an increase in commercial property sales in recent years. Commercial real estate often boosts the economy in various ways, from creating construction jobs to providing to services and products to a community when new businesses are opened. Commercial deals can be complex, and can quickly turn sour when one side accuses the other of a breach of contract.

Basketball fans might be upset about contract dispute

The NCAA championships were just about to get underway this past week when fans in a region beyond California were suddenly unable to view the television station that was set to carry the first few games. It seems a contract dispute between a CBS affiliate and AT&T U-verse cable was the cause. CBS was pulled from the viewing line-up days before the basketball tournament was set to begin.

Fate of Florida lottery at stake in raging contract dispute

Many California business people understand disagreements regarding separation of powers in business. Exactly who has authority over whom, and who has decision-making power to approve certain things, is often cause for disruption of business when a party contests something another has done. The government is no stranger to such matters as made evident by a recent contract dispute in another state.

Business merger between Cabela's and Bass Pro uncertain

When two California companies plan to combine assets and blend into a new, expanded form of their original selves, many challenges can arise in the process. A proposed business merger between Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops is a perfect example. There appears to be some uncertainty regarding merger plans that reportedly has to do with the provider of Cabela's in-house credit card.

Contract dispute could affect Sofia Vergara's salary

Many people in California watch "Modern Family" on television. Sofia Vergara, who plays a main role on the show, is known as one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. However, TV network and 20th Century Fox are apparently engaged in a contract dispute that has potential not only to affect Vergara's salary but may actually leave her and her cast mates without jobs.

Business contract dispute prompts career change

Many NFL fans in California have just come down off their Super Bowl highs. Most are already talking about next season and who might be the next Super Bowl champs. As is often the case, there have been some changes in coaching staffs, one of which was apparently prompted by a business contract dispute.

Racecar driver Danica Patrick's sponsor in contract dispute

NASCAR fans in California and throughout the nation often cheer for champion Danica Patrick. Stewart-Haas Racing, however, is not cheering for the company that sponsored her last season. In fact, the racing organization is currently engaged in a contract dispute with Nature's Bakery, claiming the sponsor company did not fulfill its obligations and responsibilities inherent in their signed agreement.  

Business merger date for Walgreens/Rite Aid deal pushed back

Shares of Rite Aid drug store stock recently took a nosedive according to recent trade data. Some California readers might be closely following news regarding a takeover of Rite Aid by another drug store giant, Walgreens. Apparently, there have been some changes in the proposed business merger, some of which the Federal Trade Commission is reportedly not too happy about.

District says no end in sight for contract dispute

California teachers may relate to a contentious situation brewing on the other side of the country. An ongoing contract dispute has been raging between teachers and district administrators. The teachers recently launched a strike that lasted approximately two weeks.

City asks union and management to resolve contract dispute

A regional transit authority and union workers in another state have been engaged in a contentious disagreement for some time. California workers and company owners alike may relate to the contract dispute. When issues remain unresolved for extended periods of time, results can be disastrous, for those directly involved and even for entire communities.

Trump reportedly opposed to business merger involving AT&T

An $85.4 billion deal has been in the works for some time between telecommunications giant, AT&T, and Time Warner company. Many people in California use services provided by one or both of these companies. Their prospective business merger has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission, and President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly stated he opposes the plan. The situation has escalated into a contentious battle with AT&T saying the government has no right to prevent the transaction.

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