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How to resolve a contract dispute in California

California is a beautiful state, teeming with businesses of all sorts, from major commercial corporations to small entrepreneurial endeavors. Though business models and effectual productions in each company vary, every business is at risk if a contract dispute arises. It is typically in a company's best interests to solve each dispute in as swift, fair and economically feasible a fashion as possible.

Protect Your Small Business From Disruptive Litigation

One of the greatest fears that many small business owners have is the potential to be sued. If they have set up the proper legal entities and worked with an attorney to structure their business in a prudent manner, lawsuits and litigation do not mean that the business is at risk of being wiped out.

Gilmore Girls producers in contract dispute with Warner Bros.

Hollywood is not immune to legal challenges often faced by California company owners and employees throughout the nation. A popular series known as "Gilmore Girls" was set to return to Netflix, much to the joy of its enormous fan base. However, it seems a contract dispute with Warner Bros. has impeded production.

Contract dispute seems to be leading to worker strike

It is not uncommon for  California workers and employers to negotiate issues regarding compensation, benefits and other employment issues. Many times, a contract dispute is easily resolved in an amicable fashion, allowing business production to continue without impediment. Other situations are more complicated, leading to threats of a strike if the demands of workers are not met.

Legal challenges not uncommon when selling a business

There are any number of reasons why a California business owner may decide to relinquish ownership by selling a company. Often, legal challenges arise during the process of selling a business that may be best addressed through sound and experienced legal counsel. Sellers and buyers often have very different perspectives regarding potential deals, and sellers often want to make certain that the appropriate valuations are assigned to their businesses before allowing ownership to change hands.

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