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California bill streamlines processing for new business startup

Creating a new business usually involves a significant amount of paperwork and administrative hurdles. This is true for just about any state, however California has become especially known for having longer wait times for processing a new business entity. Unfortunately, this has contributed to the state being known as one of the most unfriendly environments for creating a business startup.

End of California tax incentive affects business startup funds

Investment capital is usually one of the most important ingredients for creating a successful startup business. Until recently, California tax law was designed to encourage investment into new business startup companies by giving investors a special tax break for infusing capital into small businesses that were just starting up. However, the state has recently decided to end this tax incentive, which is expected to significantly reduce investments in startups, forcing new businesses to take this into consideration in their business planning endeavors.

California fund management firm sues CalPERS in contract dispute

Making sure that every citizen has equal opportunities is an essential value in American society. This includes making sure that minority communities have the same opportunities as anybody else. California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), the nation's largest pension plan, hired Centinela Capital Partners to manage the pension fund and find the next crop of private equity managers with special focus on minority-owned firms. With such a noble beginning, it may be surprising that the relationship between CalPERS and Centinela has resulted in a legal contract dispute.

Business planning should consider intellectual property

Intellectual property is an important component of today's business world and allows creativity to thrive in the marketplace. It enables entrepreneurs with good ideas to move forward with their plans without fear of somebody else stealing their ideas and taking away from their potential market. This means businesses must ensure that the trademarks they use are not infringing on a previously registered trademark. Incorporating this into a company's business planning is essential, but one California company is currently being accused of failing to do just that.

Mid-sized commercial real estate office rentals in demand

It can be challenging for entrepreneurs to find good rental properties to move forward with their business endeavors. The tricky part is to find commercial real estate that has all of the amenities they need while also being affordable. This is why many entrepreneurs in California have been migrating towards mid-sized office spaces, which has kept the vacancy rates for this sector relatively low. However, this has had an inverse effect on lower end, smaller rental spaces as well as high end, larger office rentals.

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