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Tips for California business planning with a disability

Business planning can sometimes seem daunting even for the savviest of entrepreneurs. For those who may have a disability of some sort, it can sometimes seem even more challenging. However, many of the steps involved in California business planning will be the same for individuals with or without disabilities.

Business merger deal in works for California-based Apple

Securities and Exchange Commission filings show that the recent merger between two companies is a bit more complex than it may appear at first glance. California powerhouse Apple recently reached a business merger deal to buy AuthenTec for a reported $356 million. Apparently, however, initial talks were not for the two companies to merge. Instead, AuthenTec originally tried to entice companies to assist in the development of a new technology AuthenTec had been working on. Apple was evidently the only company to express interest in that possibility.

Residential and commercial real estate funds dominate sector

A real estate fund is a mutual fund which invests mainly in mortgages and real estate. The purpose of the fund is to produce income and capital gains for its investors. Real estate funds in California and elsewhere invest in residential, as well as, commercial real estate. These funds have historically been dominant in the real estate sector; however, many are speculating that its sector dominance could be nearing an end.

Peregrine purchases commercial real estate in California

Real estate can be a profitable venture if the right decisions are made. One of the potential ways to make profit in this sector is by purchasing commercial real estate and then renting out office spaces. California firm Peregrine Realty Partners decided to pursue this avenue with the recent purchase of a 107,000 square-foot office building in Southern California. The six-story building is configured into multiple office spaces and was already completely leased, giving Peregrine the ability to begin making profit from rental income immediately following the transfer of ownership.

TV show cast sues Fox in California court over contract dispute

Contracts allow various parties to come to an agreement about a working relationship. At the onset, parties have the freedom to design the contract with almost any terms they wish. However, there are some laws which regulate certain types of contracts. For example, in California there is a law which limits personal service contracts to no more than 7 years. Based on this law, the cast of the popular television sitcom 'Modern Family' is suing 20th Century Fox Television in a contract dispute action.

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