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Sly Stone awarded $5 million in business contract dispute

Failure to adhere to the terms of a contract can be significantly detrimental to the parties who agreed to the contract in any industry. This is definitely true in the music and entertainment industries. Music legend Sly Stone found this out when his business partners in his own company cheated the funk musician out of his royalties. The singer has recently prevailed in a business contract dispute in a court in California.

Nike sues former designers in business contract dispute

In the apparel industry, it is important to stay on the cutting edge of style and design. Therefore, new design and creative talents are always in high demand for companies in the apparel industry in California, as well as other states. The need for new talent seems to be at the center of a recent business contract dispute involving Nike and three of its former employees.

Contract dispute involves inventor and another company

A person who has invented a unique product in California naturally takes pride in their accomplishment. Getting paid for that invention after reaching an agreement with another company is often an important goal. However, if the payments stop coming because the other company fails to follow through with a contract established between the two parties, the relationship can turn sour quickly. One man is facing this scenario in an out-of-state contract dispute.

Geraldo Rivera took contract dispute to court and won

Most anyone in California's entertainment business knows that the majority of music, television and movie entertainers have agents who help guide their careers. The conduct of an agent can inspire either loyalty or anger from an entertainer. Recently, Geraldo Rivera stood up for his relationship with his longtime agent when he refused to back down from a contract dispute with the agent's former employer.

California Controller sues firm in business contract dispute

Running a business will always have its opportunities as well as its risks. One of the most common situations which entrepreneurs may find themselves in is some type of legal issue related to business dealings. A business contract dispute is one of the most common causes of contention in business. One company in California is currently experiencing this type of dispute and is now facing a breach of contract lawsuit.

2 companies settle business contract dispute in California

Many times a business will have their employees sign a contract to keep company trade secrets confidential as well as other information they obtain while working for the company. This allows the company to bring a lawsuit against the employee if he or she does disclose trade secrets to a competitor. Most of the time this will apply even after the employee has stopped working for the company. This may have been what recently happened in a business contract dispute in California.

Worker sues Catholic Diocese over contract dispute in California

Employment laws are meant to maintain a safe environment in the workplace. These laws protect workers as well as employers in order to ensure all parties are treated fairly. However, many times these laws are not exactly straightforward and are open to interpretation. This may be the case in a recent contract dispute lawsuit initiated by an employee working for the Catholic Diocese in California.

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