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Technology business startup partners with NFL star Tony Gonzalez

A successful business will typically identify a need and then provide a product or service to fulfill this need. One business startup technology company believes it has found its niche within the fitness industry. The company FitStar is teaming up with NFL star Tony Gonzalez, who is also a California native, to develop and market a new mobile app designed to aid a person's workout regimen.

California bill streamlines processing for new business startup

Creating a new business usually involves a significant amount of paperwork and administrative hurdles. This is true for just about any state, however California has become especially known for having longer wait times for processing a new business entity. Unfortunately, this has contributed to the state being known as one of the most unfriendly environments for creating a business startup.

Study shows California Bay Area tougher for business formation

A study just released shows evidence that business formation may be more difficult in the Bay Area portion of California than elsewhere. Research points to some of the difficulties as higher housing costs, high costs of living and operating a business in the Bay Area. The research urges the need for improvements to the area's "burdensome regulatory climate." People beginning a business formation may need to have eased regulations to be successful.

California now thriving with business startup opportunities

Many entrepreneurs are discovering firsthand that California is a growing mecca for successful business startup purposes. Hollywood serves as the nation's figurative capital for celebrities and film executives, but it has been building a reputation over the past few years for also being a great place for business startup companies to form and, in many cases, thrive. Quite a few celebrities seem to be putting their own brand names on startups in some form or another, and more than just a few television industry executives have left that industry to forge their own paths as entrepreneurs.

Tips for California business planning with a disability

Business planning can sometimes seem daunting even for the savviest of entrepreneurs. For those who may have a disability of some sort, it can sometimes seem even more challenging. However, many of the steps involved in California business planning will be the same for individuals with or without disabilities.

Startups see opportunity across California

Until recently, the startup word was dominated by those who resided in the San Francisco area. With companies such as Google and Facebook originating in the Northern California Bay area, it was no mystery why many entrepreneurs looked to that area as the place to commence their business planning for their own startup company. However, recently many entrepreneurs have begun to spring their business ideas in a totally different venue -- the sunny beaches of the greater Los Angeles area.

2010 California law affects business startup companies

Many times startup businesses can be fragile in a tough economy. This can be especially true when a broad and vague law affects the hard work and creativity of entrepreneurs. This is exactly what the California Money Transmission Act is doing to the currency transaction industry. The September 2010 law makes it more costly for a business startup to enter this market.

California business startup receives funding for new job website

With unemployment rates in the U.S. hovering just over 8 percent, the amount of people searching for jobs has been increasing steadily. Although the demand for good job-search websites is high, the supply of jobs in an ailing economy may present a challenge. Bright, a business startup in California, is taking on the challenge. The company has just received a $6 million initial venture capital investment to start a service that matches job seekers to posted jobs on various job-search websites.

Business startup courses offered for those 50 and older

Many think you have to be young to start a business because your brain is fresh with the knowledge you have learned in school. However, that isn't entirely true. Sometimes, life experiences and growing as a person have a lot to do with starting a business that would prove to be successful in years to come. For older individuals in California and the rest of the United States that have always dreamed of a business startup, they now have their chance to turn it into a reality.

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