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Tips to consider when selling your business

Selling your business is a big decision. Several factors should be considered before deciding to sell your company or your stake in the business. Careful planning should be followed regardless of the reasons for selling.

Firm invests in California business park commercial real estate

Business people are always looking for ways to increase profits through investments. One common way of making money with investments is through investing in commercial real estate. This type of investment can have a high profit potential for the right situation. One company believes it has found this right opportunity and has decided to purchase a business park property in California.

California fund management firm sues CalPERS in contract dispute

Making sure that every citizen has equal opportunities is an essential value in American society. This includes making sure that minority communities have the same opportunities as anybody else. California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), the nation's largest pension plan, hired Centinela Capital Partners to manage the pension fund and find the next crop of private equity managers with special focus on minority-owned firms. With such a noble beginning, it may be surprising that the relationship between CalPERS and Centinela has resulted in a legal contract dispute.

Did JPMorgan have the power to prevent California renovation?

Contractual relationships are a key component to the operations of many businesses, which is why it is critical to ensure that parties signing a contract fully understand the provisions to which they are agreeing. One potential contractual function is to instruct a company to not do something or prevent another party from performing a specific act. In fact, JPMorgan Chase & Co. recently tried to argue during a business contract dispute that it had the right to prevent renovation of a power plant in California.

New business startup decides to move headquarters to California

Choosing a good location to run a business is an important decision for most entrepreneurs. One business startup in the medical technology field has decided to move its location from an out-of-state location to California, where there is more activity in medical technology. The company, Home Dialysis Plus, recently obtained $50 million in investment funds which helped allow the company to make the move.

Study shows California Bay Area tougher for business formation

A study just released shows evidence that business formation may be more difficult in the Bay Area portion of California than elsewhere. Research points to some of the difficulties as higher housing costs, high costs of living and operating a business in the Bay Area. The research urges the need for improvements to the area's "burdensome regulatory climate." People beginning a business formation may need to have eased regulations to be successful.

2 California produce companies in business merger

Two California companies with a 10 year history of working together have announced plans to combine forces with regard to their sales and marketing efforts. The business merger pits a fruit company that has an international presence with another company that enjoys significant strength and experience in domestic sales. Rivermaid Trading Co. is based in Lodi and is known for California pears and cherries. Wespak Sales has its base of operations in Dinuba and is a recognized figure in the marketing of stoned fruits and also is expanding into grapes, apricots, cherries and pomegranates.

California now thriving with business startup opportunities

Many entrepreneurs are discovering firsthand that California is a growing mecca for successful business startup purposes. Hollywood serves as the nation's figurative capital for celebrities and film executives, but it has been building a reputation over the past few years for also being a great place for business startup companies to form and, in many cases, thrive. Quite a few celebrities seem to be putting their own brand names on startups in some form or another, and more than just a few television industry executives have left that industry to forge their own paths as entrepreneurs.

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