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Albertsons to complete business merger with Safeway

The government exists in order to make sure every member of society has a fair chance in all aspects of life, including in business. This is why regulating agencies keep an eye on any proposed business mergers in California and all other states. Regulators are usually concerned about whether a business merger would be detrimental to competition, which is an important part of a free market economic system.

Visual Supply purchases photobook company in business merger

The technology industry is multifaceted. Companies constantly competing with one another for profits and market share. Many times, a technology company's best option for expanding is by purchasing a competitor or even a company in a related or tangent market niche. This is what one technology company in California decided to do in a recent business merger.

Banking business merger will affect California bank locations

Banking is an important industry for the local and national economy. Recently, there have been various banking firms that have moved forward with mergers and acquisitions that could have an effect on the banking industry in California. One recent string of business merger activity will affect various banking locations across California.

2 bowling companies propose business merger to bankruptcy court

Sometimes, two heads are better than one, as the saying goes. In the world of business, the same idea also applies. Sometimes, two companies are better than one. Two bowling companies seem to have had this idea in mind when they decided to move forward with a business merger to combine the two companies into one entity, which would include at least one location in California.

Kroenke purchases California company in business merger deal

A good entrepreneur will be able to spot a lucrative business opportunity when it presents itself. Sometimes this will present itself in the form of an opportunity to purchase a company at a good price which leaves room for making a profit from the business merger. One sports and entertainment company believed it found a good opportunity to acquire Outdoor Channel Holdings Inc., which is a cable television network based out of California. The business conversion was agreed upon after the company offered $27 million.

2 California produce companies in business merger

Two California companies with a 10 year history of working together have announced plans to combine forces with regard to their sales and marketing efforts. The business merger pits a fruit company that has an international presence with another company that enjoys significant strength and experience in domestic sales. Rivermaid Trading Co. is based in Lodi and is known for California pears and cherries. Wespak Sales has its base of operations in Dinuba and is a recognized figure in the marketing of stoned fruits and also is expanding into grapes, apricots, cherries and pomegranates.

California genome sequencing company set for business merger

The recent announcement of a merger agreement between a California-based company providing human genome sequencing technology and an overseas pharmaceutical company led to a 14.23 percent jump in shares of Complete Genomics Inc. stock. The business merger agreement calls for the California-based company to be acquired by a U.S. branch of the other company. While the deal had not been completely solidified at last report, it did seem to be a pretty sure thing.

Business merger deal in works for California-based Apple

Securities and Exchange Commission filings show that the recent merger between two companies is a bit more complex than it may appear at first glance. California powerhouse Apple recently reached a business merger deal to buy AuthenTec for a reported $356 million. Apparently, however, initial talks were not for the two companies to merge. Instead, AuthenTec originally tried to entice companies to assist in the development of a new technology AuthenTec had been working on. Apple was evidently the only company to express interest in that possibility.

California business merger puts Genentech at head of Roche

A company merger can bring concerns that a company's culture or unique personality may be stifled or transformed by influences from the larger company. Such is the case in the business merger between Roche and Genentech, two biotechnology companies. Many feared that overseas-based Roche would slow down the innovative culture at California-based Genentech.

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