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Being proactive in assessing business merger options

Many California business owners recognize the benefits of merging with other entities. Doing so can result in improved market dominance, an expanded financial reach, and the acquisition of a new pool of talented workers. However, many business merger attempts ultimately fail, and they do so at a significant loss to those involved in the process. In order to ensure that a merger is viable, it is essential to be proactive in assessing all aspects of the union from the outset.

Albertsons to complete business merger with Safeway

The government exists in order to make sure every member of society has a fair chance in all aspects of life, including in business. This is why regulating agencies keep an eye on any proposed business mergers in California and all other states. Regulators are usually concerned about whether a business merger would be detrimental to competition, which is an important part of a free market economic system.

Visual Supply purchases photobook company in business merger

The technology industry is multifaceted. Companies constantly competing with one another for profits and market share. Many times, a technology company's best option for expanding is by purchasing a competitor or even a company in a related or tangent market niche. This is what one technology company in California decided to do in a recent business merger.

Increased antitrust activity can affect business merger plans

One way for a company to grow its business is to purchase another company within the same industry. Such a business merger would likely result in a larger company with a larger portion of the market share in California or wherever the merger is completed. However, there are several legal concerns that companies may want to consider before moving forward with acquiring a competitor.

Banking business merger will affect California bank locations

Banking is an important industry for the local and national economy. Recently, there have been various banking firms that have moved forward with mergers and acquisitions that could have an effect on the banking industry in California. One recent string of business merger activity will affect various banking locations across California.

Court allows proposed airline business merger to move forward

There are many reasons that companies decide to merge with other companies. This allows the newly merged companies to utilize larger amounts of assets in order to reach business and financial goals in California or in any other state. However, there may be some proposed mergers which attract the scrutiny of critics and regulators due to fears of decreasing competition within the specified market. This was the case with the recent business merger proposed between American Airlines and US Airways.

Regulators scrutinize proposed business merger of flour miller

Competition is an important aspect of managing an efficient and productive free market economy. This is what keeps prices fair, which ultimately benefits all of society. In order to maintain a well-functioning free market, the government is sometimes required to regulate mergers in order to keep one single firm from obtaining a monopoly over an industry in California and across the nation. One flour mill company is now being scrutinized by regulators over its recent proposed business merger.

AT&T business merger with California company attracts critics

The wireless communications market can be lucrative for those who play their cards right. AT&T has been highly successful in this business and is currently one of the largest wireless carriers in the industry. Now the company is looking to grow its market dominance even more by purchasing a California wireless competitor through a business merger. However, this has been met with significant resistance based upon federal antitrust laws.

2 bowling companies propose business merger to bankruptcy court

Sometimes, two heads are better than one, as the saying goes. In the world of business, the same idea also applies. Sometimes, two companies are better than one. Two bowling companies seem to have had this idea in mind when they decided to move forward with a business merger to combine the two companies into one entity, which would include at least one location in California.

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