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Metro transit workers threaten strike in contract dispute

Metro transit workers in California may relate to others in the nation who say their jobs get more dangerous all the time. Many drivers have reportedly been assaulted or physically threatened on more than one occasion along their routes. Transit workers in another state say the risk has prompted a contract dispute with their administrators.

Nokia to receive major payout from BlackBerry in contract dispute

California readers who regularly follow headline business news may be aware that smartphone moguls BlackBerry and Nokia have had an acrimonious relationship for quite some time. In a recent contract dispute, BlackBerry apparently got tired of fighting and has agreed to fork out a substantial sum of money to Nokia. The contentious situation unfolded last year when the two companies disagreed about a patent licensing contract.

Contract dispute may make some Dish subscribers quite unhappy

CBS has been a major television network in California and throughout the nation for a very long time, with the broadcast network dating as far back as 1941. In one eastern city, viewers recently learned that they were at risk for losing their CBS affiliate on the Dish Network. The situation involves a contract dispute between CBS and Dish that has many interested parties on edge.

NFL team owner Jerry Jones involved in contract dispute

The National Football League has had no shortage of medial limelight in the past year. From various controversies involving national anthem protests, repetitive concussion syndrome and individual player situations, it seems that negative news related to the NFL has proliferated, even though millions of fans continue to enjoy watching the games. In a recent publicized battle with which many California fans may be familiar, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has launched a contract dispute regarding NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell's future in the league.

Contract dispute leads to arbitration, results unpleasing to some

A contract between police officers and city administrators in another state reached its expiration date last December. Negotiations began, and continued throughout the following summer, but reached an impasse when a contract dispute arose. The situation ultimately led to arbitration, and although city officials are quite happy with the outcome, the same cannot be said for some others. California employers or other officials currently facing contract problems may relate to this case.

Contract dispute between Viacom and Charter finally over

Unresolved business disagreements can bear significant negative impact on California business owners' bottom lines. Likely, executives at Charter Communications and Viacom understand this, and they are probably very happy their contract dispute has finally ended. Although their new agreement is listed as tentative, those involved seem very hopeful that agreeable terms have been achieved.

Quick action and negotiation may solve contract dispute, early on

Many people in California enjoy traveling by bicycle. In fact, San Francisco is a prime location for businesses catering to bicyclists, such as Ford GoBike, a bike sharing program that allows travelers to access bicycles inexpensively for personal travel throughout the city. This particular company says it has an exclusive contract with the city; unfortunately, a contract dispute has apparently arisen once word got out that the city's transportation agency is planning to forge a deal with a Ford GoBike competitor. 

Young student holds sign to support teacher in contract dispute

California parents would understandably be worried if nearly 600 of their local elementary school teachers went on strike. Who knows if that's what a particular group of teachers in another state will wind up doing. They are currently involved in a contract dispute that doesn't appear to have an end in site.

More than 20 percent pay raise following major contract dispute

A highly acrimonious situation that lasted a full year has finally been resolved in California. The major contract dispute solution included endorsement from court officials in 12 different counties. Those involved in the dispute are employed as language interpreters in courtrooms throughout the state.

AT&T hoping to diffuse raging contract dispute with workers

Many California smart phone users may be eagerly awaiting a scheduled iPhone 8 launch; however, workers from AT&T are reportedly not so thrilled. Many of them say they plan to show up at Apple headquarters where the launch is set to take place so they can stage a public protest. The workers are apparently trying to raise awareness about an ongoing contract dispute in which they are embroiled with their employers.

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