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Business merger between California banks obtains final approval

There are some industries which are more heavily regulated by the government than others. The banking industry is one of these industries. There are certain actions which require banks to receive approval from federal regulators before being finalized. This is the case with a business merger between First California Financial Group and PacWest Bancorp.

Mid-sized commercial real estate office rentals in demand

It can be challenging for entrepreneurs to find good rental properties to move forward with their business endeavors. The tricky part is to find commercial real estate that has all of the amenities they need while also being affordable. This is why many entrepreneurs in California have been migrating towards mid-sized office spaces, which has kept the vacancy rates for this sector relatively low. However, this has had an inverse effect on lower end, smaller rental spaces as well as high end, larger office rentals.

Two California educational non-profits finalize business merger

In the context of the slowly-recovering U.S. economy, the education sector sometimes feels the financial strain more than other sectors. This has caused some schools and educational organizations to find creative business solutions. Two California non-profit education agencies did just this when they decided to move forward with a business merger between the two entities.

Debt maturity may affect commercial real estate in California

The real estate market took a significant hit upon the onslaught of the recent recession. However, commercial real estate in California may be rebounding from its dramatic downturn. On the other hand, despite promising signs, many experts are warning there may still be some bumps in the road to recovery for the commercial property sector. One of the issues which many experts are warning about involves maturing equity notes.

Selling a business taxed retroactively in California

Many are claiming that the California tax authorities are being unfair by their recent decision to retroactively charge business owners to 2008 for transactions in which they legally obtained tax breaks. A small business owner who had previously benefited legally from tax breaks from selling a business has more than likely been contacted by the tax authorities demanding payment for back taxes. It remains to be seen what kind of repercussions this will have on businesses in our state.

Southern California commercial real estate shows improvement

Since the recent recession, people have been on the lookout for any signs of possible economic recovery. One of the most common economic indicators which economists use to analyze the health of an economy is the real estate market. Not only does this include residential homes, but economists also look at the commercial real estate market. Luckily, in Southern California the industrial real estate market has recently been showing signs of improvement.

Issues arise when a contract dispute ends a partnership

The end of a business partnership mirrors the end of a marriage in a number of ways. Both unions began in the spirit of cooperation and the desire to build a lasting bond. Both were uplifted by hope of future successes. When a California business partnership dissolves due to a contract dispute, the effects can feel similar to a broken marriage, and can include sadness, feelings of remorse and an inability to see past one's current emotional state.

Contract dispute lawsuit between Fox and Dish Network

A lawsuit between Fox television and Dish Network Corp. will move forward without a preliminary injunction, according to a recent ruling from a U.S. District Court judge in California. The suit was filed by Fox and alleges a number of contract dispute issues in the network's agreement with Dish regarding the satellite company's use of an ad-skipping digital video recorder.

Contract dispute sore spot for bar owners

The Time Warner Cable Company currently has exclusive rights to most of the Lakers basketball games. However, to the chagrin of many sports bar owners, a contract dispute may keep the games off the air for those who do not have access to Time Warner Cable. This could affect many California businesses.

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