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Business startup goes sour, companies enter litigation

There are many reasons a California business owner might decide to join efforts with other parties to maximize chances for future success. The problem is that if a dispute arises during the business startup phase, it may not only delay plans but impede potential profits as well. In fact, two large companies, Ripple and R3, are currently trying to overcome such problems, both now resorting to litigation as a means of resolving their issues.

Namely business startup leads to executives' exit

California is a prime location for opening new businesses. The business world is a vast landscape of diverse people, some who bring their ideas to fruition in the marketplace in a matter of months and others who think and dream and plan for years before they take that final step to execute a business startup plan. Some plans lead to major changes as made evident by a recent situation at HR software company, Namely.

Incorporating in another state might be good business planning

Many California residents are currently developing goals for various types of business endeavors. This type of business planning typically involves many challenges and important decisions, such as whether to incorporate a company. Recent news suggests one state may be better than others when incorporating a business.

Business planning tips for California entrepreneurs

Plunging ahead to launch a new business in California may be a great lifetime adventure. Prospective entrepreneurs often face many challenges during business planning stages, however. In such circumstances, it is advisable to seek immediate and experienced guidance to increase one's chances of achieving business success.

Considering legal aspects of business startup in California

Launching a new business is undoubtedly exciting, albeit a new company owner almost always faces various types of challenges and obstacles along the way. Many times, difficulties arise during the business startup phase of a company. Retaining the assistance of an experienced business and commercial law attorney may provide the support California entrepreneurs need during such times.

Getting off to the right start involves good business planning

Throughout California, there are currently many prospective business owners who may be wondering what the best course of action might be to get their companies off to the right start. Future business success often hinges on good business planning. Regardless of the type of business being launched, an ability to flourish often depends on a plan that was well laid out in the first place.

Proper business planning may bring quicker success

In 1988, two California brothers took a road trip to get inspiration for what to do with their lives. This trip led to them starting an enterprise selling T-shirts. It is not uncommon for young people to start off their careers buying and selling merchandise, but in many cases, no business planning is involved at the onset. The two young men, ages 20 and 23, started with limited funds and purchased a van to travel to different college campuses to sell their merchandise. They say that they failed a thousand times and struggled to make enough money to support themselves from month to month.

Legal guidance in business startup may lead to future profits

Starting up a new business in California is an exciting time for any entrepreneur. It is not uncommon for excitement about potential success to prevent new business owners from considering the legal aspects of a business startup. One of the first decisions to make involves the type of business entity that will be formed. Will it be a sole proprietorship or a partnership? There are advantages and disadvantages presented by both.

New business startup uses unique business model for food

It is one thing to be able to prepare good food for customers at restaurants. However, sometimes it takes a creative edge to be competitive in the restaurant market in California. One possible advantage would be to begin delivering meals to customers. One new business startup is looking to do exactly this.

Limited liability company business formation

Starting a business can be an exciting prospect, but it also requires that many decisions be made prior to opening the doors. One of the first -- and most important -- business formation issues is deciding the type of entity under which the company will operate. Many small businesses in California choose to operate as limited liability companies.

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