Visual Supply Purchases Photobook Company In Business Merger

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Mergers & Acquisitions on Monday, January 12, 2015.

The technology industry is multifaceted. Companies constantly competing with one another for profits and market share. Many times, a technology company's best option for expanding is by purchasing a competitor or even a company in a related or tangent market niche. This is what one technology company in California decided to do in a recent business merger.

The California company, Visual Supply Co., is a maker of software and apps geared toward creative industries. Visual Supply purchased Artifact Uprising, which is an online photobook startup company based out-of-state. This will significantly expand Visual Supply's market share of the overall computer and technology industry. The specific financial terms of the acquisition were not reported.

Artifact Uprising will continue to operate as an autonomous company. One of the objectives of the acquisition is to help Artifact Uprising continue expanding while increasing sales of the company's hand-crafted photobook products. Essentially, the purchase of Artifact Uprising will help Visual Supply further penetrate the overall retail market while controlling a larger portion of the technology space.

No matter what the specific financial terms of the acquisition are, the California company will have to make sure that the business merger complies with any applicable laws and regulations. This will require knowledge of industry-specific laws for online retail sales as well as other relevant government regulations and procedures. Including a legal compliance strategy in plans for mergers and acquisitions can help to avoid future legal conflicts. It can also help avoid fines and other enforcement action from regulatory agencies, which could be highly detrimental to any business.

Source:, "Hot Denver startup bought by California company", Jan. 8, 2015

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