Teachers In Another State Remain On Strike Over Contract Dispute

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California teachers may relate to problems their teaching peers are currently trying to resolve in another state. Teachers in 55 counties have joined in solidarity to demand increase in their wages. The contract dispute has been raging for some time now, resulting in a full-blown teachers' strike.

Approximately 20,000 teachers walked off the job as February was coming to an end. Now, more than a week later, the teachers are still refusing to return to their classrooms, saying state legislators have not offered an agreeable solution to their contract dispute. Union representatives have adamantly stated that the strike will continue unless, and until, the teachers are given a five percent raise in pay.

West Virginia, where the strikes remains ongoing, is known for being at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to teachers' wages. Teachers in this particular state are among the lowest paid in the nation. Before the strike, Governor Jim Justice announced that teachers would receive a two percent wage increase in the first year of their new contract, with a one percent increase in the next two years. Dissatisfied with that proposal, teachers launched the state-wide strike.

The governor reportedly agreed to the teachers' pay raise request since then; however, since the state does not allow collective bargaining, a law must first be passed to activate the increase. It's a complex situation that has no end yet in sight. Solutions for complicated contract problems in California or beyond are often easier to achieve when those involved turn to experienced business and commercial law attorneys for support.

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