AT&T Hoping To Diffuse Raging Contract Dispute With Workers

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Contract Disputes on Wednesday, September 20, 2017.

Many California smart phone users may be eagerly awaiting a scheduled iPhone 8 launch; however, workers from AT&T are reportedly not so thrilled. Many of them say they plan to show up at Apple headquarters where the launch is set to take place so they can stage a public protest. The workers are apparently trying to raise awareness about an ongoing contract dispute in which they are embroiled with their employers.

Most people are familiar with AT&T, a major telecommunication powerhouse that rakes in approximately $1 billion in profit every month. That particular factor leaves many workers wondering why the company has cut at least 12,000 jobs in the nation. Tempers have reportedly been further fueled in the contract dispute by the fact that many of those jobs have been sent overseas.

Communications Workers of America says the alarming numbers of job cuts, employee layoffs, pay decreases and overseas job sourcing is a complete outrage to AT&T workers throughout the nation. Hundreds of workers were supposedly planning to make their presence at known at Apple in the hope that national attention will be drawn to their plight. They also hope to secure pay increases to cover health care costs.

AT&T officials say they are dedicated to their employees and are willing and ready to negotiate a fair and agreeable outcome to the current contract disagreement. When opposing sides have staunchly different views as to what the most viable option would be to solve a particular problem, it's often best to seek third party intervention. A California business and commercial law attorney would be able to assist anyone in this state currently facing similar contract problems.

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