Students With Special Needs Affected By Contract Dispute

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In California and beyond, students are often impacted by what goes on behind closed doors among teaching staff, administrators and other similar parties. For instance, a contract dispute can lead to all sorts of situations that negatively impact students and their families. There happens to be an ongoing situation in another state that is an example of this.

The students in this particular situation all happen to have special needs regarding their speech. Because of a contract dispute that arose last year, students in need of speech assistance were left unaided. Plans were made to provide make-up therapy sessions for each student who lost lessons, but those plans never came to fruition.

It is now almost a year later, and many students still have not been provided the speech lessons they need. The school district said it planned on entering a new contract with an outside company to provide online speech therapy lessons for the students. Many have come forward to express their opposition to such plans, including the mother of one special needs student who says she believes her son needs one-on-one, in-person instruction in order to benefit from speech therapy.

This situation shows the ripple effect contract disagreements can have, especially when they are left unresolved too long. To prevent such problems, it often helps to have an experienced attorney review a contract ahead of time. For those in California currently facing contract-related problems, an attorney can also help determine the best course of action to achieve swift and agreeable solutions.

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