Scott Storch In Middle Of Contract Dispute

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When a valid contract is in place, the parties to the contract are legally required to follow through on the terms of the agreement. However, many times in California, there is a dispute as to whether or not a contract is legally valid for one reason or another. This has turned out to be the case in a recent contract dispute involving music star Scott Storch.

Storch is now being sued by two individuals who claim that he had breached a contract with them to fund Storch's comeback to the music world. The plaintiffs claim that they had given Storch over $1 million as well as a weekly salary. They also claim to have given Storch a Rolls-Royce Ghost and a rental house in order to help Storch start his comeback.

One of the terms agreed to in the contract is that the plaintiffs would take back the luxury vehicle from Storch if he ends up failing a drug test. The plaintiffs claim that they discovered that Storch was using drugs again in mid-December 2015. They claimed to be worried about the vehicle in Storch's hands becoming an insurance liability.

However, Storch has countered by claiming that the contract was invalid due to a lack of consideration as well as the vague terms set forth in the contract. Storch also claims that the plaintiffs had misrepresented the terms. Also, the defendant claims that the lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs include forged documents. On the other hand, the plaintiffs insist the contract is legally valid and intend on moving forward with the lawsuit.

This means that both parties will now have to present their respective legal arguments in the court of law. However, just like any other contract dispute in California, the court will decide which side prevails based upon the evidence and testimony presented in support of the respective legal arguments. Therefore, it would be behoove litigants to make sure they have a full understanding of the applicable laws.

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