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Business dissolution to come for flash memory technology moguls

NAND technology is a type of memory or storage system that does not require power to retain data as opposed to random access memory, wherein all data is lost upon computer shutdown. For years, Micron and Intel companies have performed as joint forces in development and promotion of non-volatile flash memory technology. It may come as a shock for many California readers to learn the two entities have announced their planned business dissolution. 

Always good to think ahead when selling a business in California

One can imagine the tremendous feeling of satisfaction that accompanies building a successful California business from the ground up. For many business owners, there comes a time when it appears that selling a business is the next logical step to take. However, as such endeavors may present various types of challenges, it is typically best to think ahead before diving in. 

Legal challenges not uncommon when selling a business

There are any number of reasons why a California business owner may decide to relinquish ownership by selling a company. Often, legal challenges arise during the process of selling a business that may be best addressed through sound and experienced legal counsel. Sellers and buyers often have very different perspectives regarding potential deals, and sellers often want to make certain that the appropriate valuations are assigned to their businesses before allowing ownership to change hands.

Lay it all on the table when selling a business

Businesses change hands all the time in California and throughout the nation. Typically, every company owner's reasons for selling a business are unique to an individual situation. Various legal challenges may arise in the course of such transactions that are best dealt with alongside experienced  guidance.

Tips to consider when selling your business

Selling your business is a big decision. Several factors should be considered before deciding to sell your company or your stake in the business. Careful planning should be followed regardless of the reasons for selling.

The Dissolve website decides on business dissolution

Sometimes, even the best ideas and most useful products and services do not end up panning out in the real world of business, whether in California or elsewhere. After giving it a go, an entrepreneur may end up having to consider selling a business or even begin the business dissolution process. This is what one entertainment website recently decided to do.

Checklist for business dissolution can help ease the process

When a company owner decides -- for whatever the reason -- it is time to close up shop, something that seems should be such a simple process can actually be quite complex. Certain guidelines for business dissolution may apply, and those that do must be followed to ensure a smooth completion of the process. Creating a checklist of all procedures that apply to California businesses can provide owners with a simple and straightforward guide, which can be used to ensure everything is handled appropriately.

Business dissolution may not be bad news in California

Usually, when a business shuts down it is bad news for the company, its owners and its executives. This generally means that the business did not produce enough profit to survive in California or in any other state. However, one company's recent business dissolution announcement is actually being received as good news by many in the company as well as the company's business partners.

Joint venture undergoes business dissolution in California

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. In business this could be translated as two companies are better than one company. This is why many companies end up working together on joint ventures in order to bring a new product or service to the market, while capitalizing on each company's unique expertise, influence or market advantages. This is what one California company had aimed to do when it teamed up with an overseas company in order to bring new food products to the marketplace. Unfortunately, the two companies were ultimately unable to see eye-to-eye on a variety of key issues, which resulted in a business dissolution.

Selling a business taxed retroactively in California

Many are claiming that the California tax authorities are being unfair by their recent decision to retroactively charge business owners to 2008 for transactions in which they legally obtained tax breaks. A small business owner who had previously benefited legally from tax breaks from selling a business has more than likely been contacted by the tax authorities demanding payment for back taxes. It remains to be seen what kind of repercussions this will have on businesses in our state.

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