Recent Contract Dispute Involves Intensely Personal Situation

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A woman in a state outside California is currently facing a stressful situation involving her mother's death. A contract dispute has arisen regarding her mother's desire to be cremated. The woman wants her mother's wishes to be carried out, but the National Cremation Society in which her mother reportedly was a registered member has told the woman there seems to be a problem regarding paperwork.

The woman's father, who died in 1999, was apparently also a registered member of the National Cremation Society. She said when he passed away there was no contract dispute and all things went according to plan. However, when her mother died, the woman was told they could not find required paperwork to prove she had requested and already paid for cremation services.

The estimated cost of her mother's cremation is approximately $1,000. Spokespersons at the state level informed the woman they have seen this type of problem in the past. When a married couple is registered within the same contract, and paperwork gets filed away after one spouse dies, it is apparently not uncommon for complications to arise regarding the paperwork when the other spouses passes away.

The woman is understandably distraught, saying the only way for her to obtain peace is for her mother's requests to be fulfilled. She added that if the National Cremation Society proves her mother's cremation was not yet paid for, she will do what is necessary to meet the cost. Someone in California may currently be dealing with another type of contract dispute. Regardless of the nature of a particular dispute, a business and commercial law attorney is often able to secure positive results by acting on behalf of a client in court.

Source:, "Contract dispute leaves mother's cremation in limbo", Jennifer Titus, Dec. 24, 2016

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