Public Service Employees Still Hoping To Resolve Contract Dispute

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Many California workers, such as police officers, bus drivers or other public servants, understand how challenging it can be to resolve contract problems with their employers. Police in another state are currently at odds with city officials. In fact, they've been trying to resolve a contract dispute since their existing agreement expired two years ago in December.

A spokesman for the city recently stated that mediation efforts up to this point proved unsuccessful in achieving a fair and agreeable solution to the contract problems between police union members and city officials. As often happens when a contract dispute is unable to be resolved in mediation, arbitration has been requested in the case. The arbitration process typically involves each side retaining of legal representation along with a neutral party chosen to act as chairperson of proceedings.

Arbitration may include hearings as well as oral or written testimonies. At some point, an arbitrating panel may order parties to revisit negotiations regarding a particular issue or issues. A positive aspect of the arbitration process is that both sides must agree on a chairperson. This ensures impartiality.

Arbitration promotes contract disagreement resolutions without the need for intervention from a California court. Because the process often includes oral arguments, it is wise to ask an experienced business law attorney to act on one's behalf. A potential downside to this process is that it may prohibit any appeals, which might be concerning if one side is not satisfied with the arbitrator's decision. Legal consultation can help determine whether arbitration is the best course of action in a particular situation.

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