NFL Team Owner Jerry Jones Involved In Contract Dispute

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Contract Disputes on Friday, November 24, 2017.

The National Football League has had no shortage of medial limelight in the past year. From various controversies involving national anthem protests, repetitive concussion syndrome and individual player situations, it seems that negative news related to the NFL has proliferated, even though millions of fans continue to enjoy watching the games. In a recent publicized battle with which many California fans may be familiar, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has launched a contract dispute regarding NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell's future in the league.

Jones says he became involved in the contract dispute because he believes the commissioner and other league administrators have acted unfairly in certain situations and have been left largely unaccountable for their actions. The long-time Cowboys owner also says he believes all NFL team owners (not just six committee members as it now stands) should fully participate in the major decision-making process of the league, especially where Goodell's actions and contract are concerned. At this time, Goodell's contract is under negotiation and it may be renewed so that he can remain in his current position through 2024.

Jones and several others seem to have a problem with that. Jones says Goodell and other NFL executives acted unjustly against one of his Dallas Cowboy players, Ezekial Elliott. Elliott was suspended for six games after a year-long investigation related to domestic violence allegations. Elliott was never charged with a crime nor was he arrested at any time. Jones says it is not right to punish him when he was never even charged with a crime.

Football fans in California and across the country are waiting to see how this disagreement is resolved. In such circumstances, an experienced business and commercial law attorney can be of great assistance. In fact, hiring legal representation is often a means to the swiftest and most agreeable outcome in any contract-related negotiation or dispute.

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