Namely Business Startup Leads To Executives' Exit

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Business Formation & Planning on Friday, June 30, 2017.

California is a prime location for opening new businesses. The business world is a vast landscape of diverse people, some who bring their ideas to fruition in the marketplace in a matter of months and others who think and dream and plan for years before they take that final step to execute a business startup plan. Some plans lead to major changes as made evident by a recent situation at HR software company, Namely.

Namely's founder, Matt Straz, said just because the company CFO and CTO (among others) decided to resign doesn't mean there are internal problems, only that the company is evolving into a more organized unit. When executing a business startup plan, many people choose to act alongside experienced business and commercial law guidance. So many different problems can arise during the beginning phases of a business, and having a knowledgeable ally by on hand can help.

Although Straz assured reporters that the changes at Namely are benign, some aren't convinced. The business saw tremendous growth after another software company, Zenefits, crumbled in 2016. One inside source commenting on the executive changes at Namely said some people simply like the thrill of a the startup phase and choose to seek employment elsewhere when that phase comes to an end.

Whether the same people remain on board when a business moves into later phases depends on several things. A California attorney can assist business owners as they lead their companies through each stage. From contract review, to legal clarification regarding startup regulations, to any other issue that may arise, an attorney can advocate on a business owner's behalf and litigate any issue, as necessary.

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