Metro Transit Workers Threaten Strike In Contract Dispute

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Metro transit workers in California may relate to others in the nation who say their jobs get more dangerous all the time. Many drivers have reportedly been assaulted or physically threatened on more than one occasion along their routes. Transit workers in another state say the risk has prompted a contract dispute with their administrators.

A central focus of the current contract dispute between Metro transit drivers and administrative officials involves workers' requests for protective acrylic enclosure shields to be installed on the vehicles they operate on the job. Management, however, is concerned that such shields would wind up posing other safety risks, such as those that could be caused by potential glare or other problems associated with the shields. Workers have threatened to strike if their needs are not met because, they say, too many of them have suffered physical and verbal assaults while working and they feel this is an easy fix to, at least, part of the problem.

One woman who drives for the metro transit system in question says she has been spat upon, groped and otherwise assaulted on several occasions. Another driver said acrylic safety shields would make her job a lot less stressful. Transit officials say they simply need to assess the potential effectiveness of such shields before they can help workers resolve their current safety concerns.

Workers have made it clear that if the problem is not resolved by Jan. 2018, they will strike. What's more, they say they will schedule their strike to coincide with the Super Bowl, which is slated to take place in the area in February. California workers or business owners experiencing similar problems related to job safety or other contract issues may request assistance from experienced business and commercial law attorneys to find solutions in an effective and timely manner.

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