Lumber Company And Construction Firm In Business Contract Dispute

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Contract Disputes on Monday, June 30, 2014.

Following through on agreements is an integral part of the marketplace. Without this, businesses would not be able to confidently make transactions. Therefore, upholding legal contracts is an important part of the court system in California or in any other state. One lumber company has recently found the need to utilize the court system in order to settle a business contract dispute with a construction company.

Fischer Lumber Company is alleging breach of contract in its lawsuit filed against a construction company. The construction company had purchased product from the lumber company. However, the lumber company claims that the construction company, Karlas Construction Co. Inc., failed to pay for the product. The lawsuit was filed in mid-June.

The lumber company alleges that the two parties had entered into an agreement to pay for the goods delivered by the lumber plaintiff. Fischer Lumber Company claims that the construction company had agreed to pay more than $56,000 in monthly installments beginning in September 2012. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant has failed to pay more than $49,000 of the debt owed. The legal complaint is asking for the court to award damages of more than $58,000 as well as court costs.

Just like any other case in California or elsewhere, the parties to a business contract dispute will have to litigate within the court system. This means parties will need to be aware of the correct legal procedures and rules of the court. Having this knowledge will enable litigants to efficiently present legal arguments. The party with the strongest legal argument will have the best chance to obtain a favorable ruling from the court.

Source: The Madison-St. Claire Record, "Fischer Lumber Co. sues construction company claiming breach of contract", June 27, 2014

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