Emmy Rossum Contract Dispute: She Wants More Money Than Co-Star

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporationposted in Contract Disputes on Friday, December 23, 2016.

Equal pay for women is not a new idea in California, and it is one that gained momentum in the recent presidential campaign. However, some say things still aren't right, and many women make much less money than their male counterparts. Emmy Rossum, star of popular television series "Shameless," is said to be holding up production for the new season because of a contract dispute

Rumor has it that Rossum has always been paid less than her male co-star on the show. Seeing as they've been working together for seven straight seasons, Rossum has requested a salary increase. She has reportedly asked to be paid more than her co-star to make up for all the time she was paid less. 

Company representatives say they already offered the star a raise and by asking for even more, she is delaying production of the show. Since she is one of the main stars of the show, many are wondering what's going to happen if management does not give in to her requests. Whether they would hire another actress to replace Rossum or simply find a way to write her character out of the show has not been announced. 

An unresolved contract dispute in California or any other state can often have a ripple effect, causing problems for more than those directly involved. In this situation, even fans could be adversely affected if their favorite show is unable to air because of the stalemate between Rossum and Shameless. Generally speaking, business disputes like this one are complex and best addressed through experienced business and commercial law guidance.

Source: cinemablend.com, "Emmy Rossum And Shameless Are In A Contract Dispute And It Could Mean Bad Things For The Show", Jessica Rawden, Dec. 13, 2016 

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