California Business Startup Develops Solar-Powered Desalination

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Technological advancements have the ability to solve many problems in all areas of society. One of the latest problems facing California is water scarcity. The state is currently experiencing what many are calling the worst drought the state has experienced in approximately half a millennium. One new business startup has recently developed new technology aimed at addressing this issue.

The company, WaterFX, is a California-based startup which has created a new way to use desalination in order to tackle the state's water crisis. The new method utilizes solar-power technology which will make desalination more sustainable and cost-effective than traditional desalination methods. It will also be more efficient than other methods of water conservation, such as drip irrigation.

Desalination is the process of removing the salt from salt water in order to create fresh water required for agriculture. Traditional desalination utilizes a high pressure system which garners only a small amount of freshwater, while the left over salt water is unusable and can be harmful to the environment when pumped back in to the ocean. WaterFX's solar-powered desalination method is able to turn 93 percent of salt water into freshwater, compared to only about a 50 percent rate of traditional desalination.

However, in order for the new business startup to be able to make an impact on the California water crisis, the company will have to be financially stable. This means the company needs to come up with a solid business plan in order to ensure profitability. Not only should the business plan make sure revenue is high, it will also have to ensure the company complies with necessary rules and regulations. Compliance will help to avoid unnecessary fines and lawsuits.

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