Business Startup Looks To Reduce Recidivism For Inmates

On behalf of The Law Office of Lynnette Ariathurai, A Professional Corporation posted in Business Formation & Planning on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

Not only can a creative business idea garner a profit, it can also benefit society. This is what one business startup is attempting to do in developing its educational program for prisoners. More than half of inmates end up returning to prison or jail after their first release, including many prisoners in California. Jail Education Solutions is aiming to change this statistic through its new innovative education platform.

Studies have found that education can play a vital role in reducing recidivism among inmates. Three years of education and vocational training while in prison has been shown to reduce recidivism by approximately 43 percent, according to data released by Rand Corporation. The new educational startup company will be offering inmates a wireless-based education program titled Edovo.

The new program will be based on using smart tablets to deliver educational material to inmates. The programs offered can help inmates obtain college credits, job training, and gain knowledge of personal finance as well as help with anger management. The curriculum will be a mix of already-existent educational sources as well as material developed by the new startup company.

However, for any business startup in California or elsewhere, it is important to have a good business plan in place. This will provide a roadmap for controlled and efficient growth. The business plan should also have a risk management plan in order to mitigate any risks, which should include plans for compliance with applicable rules and regulations. Therefore, knowledge of which laws apply to one's specific situation is essential.

Source: Forbes, "A Tale of Two Startups: Reducing Recidivism, Reviving Vacant Lots", Anne Field, May 25, 2014

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