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November 2017 Archives

Legal challenges arise in major business merger proposal

Things are heating up regarding the proposed contract between communications mogul AT&T and Time Warner. The Justice Department reportedly filed a lawsuit to halt the projected $85.4 billion business merger bid. The Justice Department's lawsuit is apparently focused on trust issues. California business owners may want to pay close attention to this story as it unfolds.

NFL team owner Jerry Jones involved in contract dispute

The National Football League has had no shortage of medial limelight in the past year. From various controversies involving national anthem protests, repetitive concussion syndrome and individual player situations, it seems that negative news related to the NFL has proliferated, even though millions of fans continue to enjoy watching the games. In a recent publicized battle with which many California fans may be familiar, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has launched a contract dispute regarding NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell's future in the league.

Opinions split on recent commercial real estate situation

California builders and property owners are typically no strangers to the various obstacles and challenges that can rise when negotiating new contracts or revising existing ones set to expire. When it comes to commercial real estate, any number of things can go wrong that may cause substantial delays or even completely halt a proposed project. That appears to be what has happened in a situation in another state although some of those involved are holding out hope that the tables will eventually turn in their favor.

Business merger rumored between CVS and Aetna Insurance

Mergers and acquisitions in the health care industry have been on the increase in California and nationwide. A recent rumor says that the CVS pharmacy chain is looking to take over health insurer Aetna. As with most contemplated mergers or acquisitions, the parties are looking at major structural benefits to their operations that would impact their respective markets and profits favorably. In this contemplated business merger, CVS is looking at greater influence over the 23 million plan participants who use Aetna as their health insurer.

Contract dispute leads to arbitration, results unpleasing to some

A contract between police officers and city administrators in another state reached its expiration date last December. Negotiations began, and continued throughout the following summer, but reached an impasse when a contract dispute arose. The situation ultimately led to arbitration, and although city officials are quite happy with the outcome, the same cannot be said for some others. California employers or other officials currently facing contract problems may relate to this case.

Contract dispute between Viacom and Charter finally over

Unresolved business disagreements can bear significant negative impact on California business owners' bottom lines. Likely, executives at Charter Communications and Viacom understand this, and they are probably very happy their contract dispute has finally ended. Although their new agreement is listed as tentative, those involved seem very hopeful that agreeable terms have been achieved.

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