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Business startup goes sour, companies enter litigation

There are many reasons a California business owner might decide to join efforts with other parties to maximize chances for future success. The problem is that if a dispute arises during the business startup phase, it may not only delay plans but impede potential profits as well. In fact, two large companies, Ripple and R3, are currently trying to overcome such problems, both now resorting to litigation as a means of resolving their issues.

AT&T hoping to diffuse raging contract dispute with workers

Many California smart phone users may be eagerly awaiting a scheduled iPhone 8 launch; however, workers from AT&T are reportedly not so thrilled. Many of them say they plan to show up at Apple headquarters where the launch is set to take place so they can stage a public protest. The workers are apparently trying to raise awareness about an ongoing contract dispute in which they are embroiled with their employers.

Oakland Raiders star engaged in pre-season contract dispute

Ready for some football? That's a question to which most NFL fans would answer a resounding "Yes!" unless they happen to be worried about a current Oakland Raiders problem. Star kicker Sebastian Janikowski is apparently involved in a heated contract dispute that may significantly impact his entire football career. The story has made national news and has many players, coaches and football fans sitting on the edges of their seats, awaiting an outcome.

Contract dispute may determine the fate of 'Grapes of Wrath'

California movie and classical novel lovers are undoubtedly familiar with John Steinbeck's, "The Grapes of Wrath" which is certainly one of best known American novels of all time. Steinbeck died in 1968, but several of his heirs are currently engaged in a contract dispute over who owns the rights to his work. A central focus of the battle pertains to a proposed film adaptation of the story that director Steven Spielberg wanted to share with the world but was prohibited from doing so.

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