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Global Xpress contract dispute is being battled out in court

The typical California resident and/or business owner would likely consider $65 million a substantial sum. This is the amount being fought over in a highly contentious contract dispute between two major satellite and telecommunication companies, one based in the United States, and the other in the United Kingdom. RigNet and Inmarsat are battling it out in court regarding a five-year agreement the two companies signed. RigNet supplies telecommunication services to gas and oil businesses and says it terminated its contract with Inmarsat pursuant to all obligations contained therein.

Contract dispute question: Who owns Snopes?

Most California business owners might agree that differences in  interpretations can lead to serious contract problems. Popular online debunking site Snopes is currently involved in a contract dispute regarding several key issues, one being who, in fact, owns the company at this time. Court hearings recently began to try to answer this and several other important questions.

Many thrilled with business merger on the East Coast

The California home-building industry has definitely seen its ups and downs over the past 10 to 15 years. Many real estate and business analysts say the current market is quite favorable, with promising financial futures ahead for many home building companies. A recent business merger that took place on the East Coast seems to include far more pros than cons, expanding an existing successful company while helping another get out of debt.

Workers from prominent company strike due to contract dispute

Forbes lists Aramark Uniform Services as the one of the largest privately owned companies in the nation. The company boasted $13 billion in revenue a handful of years ago. With over a quarter million employees, it was bound to face a significant contract dispute sooner or later. California employers, particularly those currently dealing with insurance premium issues, may want to keep tabs on the current situation.

Contract dispute: Professors versus college

When parties enter into a written agreement and terms are in some way violated, it can lead to a contentious battle. In fact, an unresolved contract dispute often causes delays in production and profitability in California businesses when parties who are dissatisfied staunchly refuse to move forward until the problem at hand is resolved. This is basically what has happened in another state where instructors at a particular college have gone on strike.

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