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Incorporating in another state might be good business planning

Many California residents are currently developing goals for various types of business endeavors. This type of business planning typically involves many challenges and important decisions, such as whether to incorporate a company. Recent news suggests one state may be better than others when incorporating a business.

Woman files contract dispute complaint against financial lenders

Many people in California know what it's like to dream of owning their own homes. Typically, it take years of monthly payments to accomplish such goals. It's natural for a homeowner to celebrate the day the final payment is made. A woman in another state thinks she has arrived at that day already, but her lender says otherwise. In fact, this contract dispute has now resulted in litigation, with the woman alleging that she is the victim of predatory lending practices.

Business merger may give Aspen ski resorts major facelift

Anyone who's ever skied down the face of a mountain knows how exhilarating it can be. In fact, many California residents are among those who consider skiing a favorite pastime. Skiing enthusiasts may be interested to learn that a well-known ski resort in another state is planning a business merger with several other entities, one of which is already worth billions of dollars.

Women's hockey team finally resolves contract dispute

Years ago, California sports enthusiasts would be hard-pressed to find examples of female athletes competing at national or international levels in sports widely catered to males. For example, major league baseball, football and hockey were traditionally considered "male sports;" however, much has changed. In fact, not only are there now women's teams in most of these arenas, many women are achieving high levels of fame and fortune for their talents. The U.S. Women's hockey team's progress was recently stalled by a contract dispute.

Man involved in small farming seeks support for business merger

Farming is said to have had its very beginnings in this nation in California and surrounding regions. To this day, the industry is considered the backbone of America, although many farmers face serious challenges trying to sustain their livelihoods. Especially where small farms are concerned, it is often the combined efforts of two or more enterprises that help build lasting and successful businesses. A farmer in another state is currently seeking support for a proposed business merger of this kind.  

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