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Band members victorious in contract dispute with record company

For the past five years, the heavy metal rock band "A Day to Remember" has been engaged in a court battle with Victory Records in another state. Similar to many lawsuits involving the music industry in California, the contract dispute involved allegations that the band owed the record company money. Victory Records also claimed band members were obligated to perform several more album releases in order to fulfill the obligations included in the signed agreement.

Huge settlement awarded in contract dispute

So many things can go wrong when contractual agreements are drafted and executed. If a prevailing party does not adhere to the terms agreed upon, a contract dispute may arise. Such situations in California and elsewhere have the propensity to become contentious when a lot of money is at stake. 

Contract dispute regarding health clinic may affect patients

When businesses in California enter contracts with other companies, problems that develop may affect more than just those whose names are on the bottom lines. A health clinic in another state, whose contract with Regence BlueShield will expire in January 2016, is worried that nearly 70,000 patients may be adversely affected if the current contract dispute is not resolved. The clinic has apparently notified its patients by sending out a letter regarding the situation.

Attorneys general getting involved in business merger probes

Many California business owners are no doubt aware of the delays and impediments toward successful deals that lengthy government investigations can have on such situations. Certain ventures have been in the works that many believe could reshape the entire global farming industry. However, recent developments suggest that the deals of these companies may be at risk. Reportedly, several U.S. state attorneys general have become involved in the ongoing business merger probes.

Heavy metal band and Warner Bros. facing major contract dispute

It is not uncommon for relationships between music artists and record label companies to become tenuous after extended periods of time. Situations change and other career opportunities arise that may not mesh with a current alliance between an artist or band and a record label company. Avenged Sevenfold, a heavy metal band in California, is actually engaged in this type of contract dispute with Warner Bros.

Magistrate agrees with Disney firefighters in contract dispute

Following in the footsteps of union workers from California to the Northeast, union workers from Disney World have been engaged in a contentious battle with Reedy Creek Improvement District over their contacts. It appears that a resolution to the contract dispute has been difficult to achieve, in part because Reedy Creek is governed by Disney. Recently, a special magistrate sided with the firefighters on several key issues related to the negotiations.

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